Why Choose Newquay For You Next Trip

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If you are planning where to go with your family this summer, you are probably stuck between going abroad or staying in your native country. Whenever you live, pay attention to one of the most popular summer trip destinations – Cornwall. Where in Cornwall would you like to visit most? Check the car hire Newquay Airport comparison rates and decide where to start.

Well, visiting Newquay you realize that this unique place has so many activities to choose from. Read about the top reasons to visit this place and you’ll agree that Newquay is the best thing that has ever happened to you.



Why choose Newquay?

  1. Because of beaches

If you hire a car for your Cornwall trip, make a plan of the most spectacular places you want to visit. Actually, many people pick a car to travel in the UK as they can always make a stop and gaze into sea or sky. Visiting the Cornish coastline must be on the top of your travel list. Here, you can see a huge territory, covered with cliffs, coves, and bays. It’s no wonder people are interested in spending some time there!

Hunting for the best coastal view in Newquay, drive your hired car to the South West Coast Path. This coastline runs all through Newquay territory and gives the best panoramic sea views.

  1. Because of surfing activities

But the sea views and beautiful nature is not the only thing that attracts tourists from the whole world to the Newquay cliffs. Every time you walk along the beach, you can see a few surfers catching some waves. Actually, Newquay is often called a perfect surfing place. First of all, the waves here are high and stable. You have a chance to learn how to surf with your family. Just park your hired car, grab a surfboard, and take your shoes off. 

Also, the locals are very friendly and helpful. They like when tourists arrive. Ask any local for help and they’re sure to do their best to show you all the comforts of beach life.



  1. Because of idyllic hotels

Before you make a plan for your holiday activities, try to decide where to stay during the trip. Booking a hotel you want to get a perfect accommodation for living. Newquay is famous for its almost idyllic hotels. Of course, you can choose between comfortable hotels, cheap hostels, camping, and even glamping. Still, one of the top accommodations is Hepworth Guest House. This hotel has the best central location and is easily reachable by car from the beach.

Visiting Newquay with your kids, pay attention to Hendra Holiday Park. This hotel is mostly focused on different kiddy activities and the safety of its guests. Check the prices for cars and hotels online.

  1. Because of great eateries

Newquay is very crowded in summer. It makes sense that the city is full of cafes, restaurants, and fast-food eateries. Even if you are not planning to leave the city centre, you’ll be surprised how many modern restaurants, atmospheric cafes are placed there. Don’t worry if you prefer vegan food to meat. You’ll find plenty of vegan, veggie, and gluten-free options in the city centre.

So, go to Fistral Beach for fish ‘n’ chips and eat scrumptious food in the Lewinnick Lodge. Tourists love Silks Bistro if you want to try something really impressive. Don’t think long. If you feel like you can’t decide which restaurant to pick for today, you may use special apps or ask locals.

  1. Because of funny things to do

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Do you think that Newquay is famous for its surfing only? Locals take pride in the fact that they have so many interesting and really fun things to do. Everyone, young and adult, can find something to their taste. Except for sunbathing and exciting surfing, you can drive your hired car to the zoo. This is a unique place to please everyone’s interest. You will find the right way very fast as Newquay Zoo is the only zoo in Cornwall.

Are you looking for more outdoor attractions? A variety of water sports are waiting for you. Go to Vertical Descents for extreme surfing, diving, coasteering, caving, and other adventure packages. If you like so-called lazy attractions, you should visit Blue Reef Aquarium, Flambards Theme Park.

There’s too much to do in Newquay! You can always hire a car, match a couple of places you are interested in the most, and visit them, enjoying your weekend. Don’t forget about packing. Newquay is a beach city so you need sunscreens, hats, swimming wear, and sunglasses. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to take your sports equipment with you. You can easily rent it on arrival. 

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