Visit Coorg Tour India: Places, Best Time & Travel 2021

Visit Coorg tour

 Duration: 2 pm 3 days 

 Covered locations: Coorg and Mysore and surrounding areas (castle and zoo only) 

 Insured locations near Coorg: Dubare Elephant Camp, NisargaDhama, Golden Temple (Tibetan camp) , Abbe Falls, Thalakavery, Bhagamadala, Omkareshwara Shrine, Raja Seat 

 Full tour: 750 km 

 Living in Coorg: Raksha Homestay, Sidhapura. This is a great host family, offering delicious food. A coffee estate is a great place on 30 plots of land. Lovely environment and extraordinary friendliness. 


 Well, let me be more subtle. The tour starts from Bangalore at 5 am. We click on homemade breakfast because we don’t know the transit hotel. 

 Leave Bangalore, join Mysore Street and drive on Mysore Expressway until you reach Srirangapatna (only 20 kilometers from Mysore). 

 Drive from Srirangapatna towards Ranganthittu Bird Paradise (not the big street). Continue down that small street until you reach Illiwala. Anyone on the street can manage the courses. It doesn’t matter if you speak or not, just say the name of the place and he will clarify it for you. Very rarely confused. Get in touch with Resort in Coog at an affordable price and enjoy your trip. 

 At Ilivala, you will be back on the highway. Now enjoy the privileges of the road and head to Hunsur at Periya Patna. 

 Shortly after Periyapatna, turn left (see Orange County Board) and head onto Sidhapura Street. 

 Raksha Homestay is one kilometer from Sidhapura (35 kilometers from Coorg), which is a moderate community. It doesn’t matter that I don’t pick up this host family, the rest of my action guide will remain the same. Contact Affordable best homestay in coorg

We arrived at the host family around 10am (so there is only 5 hours of adventure time). We had nothing to gain, and we started our hike again. 

 Dubare Elephant Camp: 

 from Sidhapura to about 10 kilometers. This is where the elephants are restricted and groomed. Try to be here at 9 AM. M. Perceive how the elephant rubs itself. It can even be observed at 56 in the afternoon. You have to take a pontoon to cross the waterway to get to the actual elephant camp (only 10Rs per person). There are hardly any photos taken with elephants, if you want you can still climb, you will be very happy. At that point, I got back across the canal and boated down the creek in similar places (100 times per person). The navigation is about 2 kilometers, it is an incredible experience. Finally swim in the canal for a long time. 


 from Dubare to KushalaNagar is about 5 kilometers. Here, the Kaveri waterway simply splits and merges again to form a small island. Apart from the bamboo forest where you can stroll for a long time, there is nothing to see. It’s nice that there are few photos, and that I sat in perfect harmony for a while. 

 Nyingma Bazang Temple and Golden Temple: 

 After Nisarga Dhama, in the direction of Kushalanagar, about 5 kilometers after Kushalnagar, you will find this luminous holy place. This is the second largest Tibetan settlement in India. You can see countless priests and a beautiful golden temple. The biggest charm of the huge Buddha statue. I felt very calm and quiet in the sanctuary. Put some energy into just sitting in the sanctuary. There is a small shopping place outside. We do not accept anything that is not unique. 

 Back to host family: 

 All the above attractions will appear on a single street according to the above requirements. After the Golden Shrine, we follow a similar route that we follow to return to the host family. He spent the rest of the day pulling the goods out of this place. I had an unusual dinner and then went to bed. 

 Day 2: 

 Leave home after eating, at 10 o’clock in the morning of the next round. From Sidhapura ~ 35 kilometers you will reach Madikeri (Coorg). Starting again 48 kilometers from Madikeri is our next goal, Thalakaveri. 


 Waterway Kaveri is one of the seven holy rivers of Sapta Sindhus in Hindu holy scriptures. The stream rises from there, like an eternal spring, but then it flows through the ground and rises a short distance. Scenic places. After a while, he happily returned to Madikeri. 


 From Talakaveri, follow the slope towards Madikeri for only 8 kilometers. This place is also called “Triveni Sangama”. There is a small shrine to see. not much. You can also skip it. However, it is only in transit, so we stop here to take a quick look. After Bhagamandala, we returned to Madikeri and ate at a small hotel (atithi accommodation). It’s hard to stretch to get an inn. Athithi is a close personal recommendation, we went there. The accommodation is fine. 

 Abbe Falls: 

 Abbe means “waterfall” in the Kodagu language. This is another cute little waterfall, you should see a place. It is about 4 kilometers away from Madikere. I have to find a way to the waterfall. We were very frustrated that they did not allow us to enter the waterfall. We only looked at the waterfall, barely took any photos, and then left.

Omkareshwara Temple: 

 Return to Madikeri from Abe Falls. This refuge is located in the center of the city. Sanctuary will be open after 5:30 pm, so we put in some energy before Sanctuary and then we left. Except we visit this place, there is nothing special because it is one of the places that everyone visits often. 

 Raja Seat: 

 This is again in the city center. Again, you need to pay close attention to this place and make sure you arrive here before 5pm. Particularly wonderful view. Seeing the brilliant sunset, the sun said goodbye on the edge of the green hills. After sunset, there is a melody spring (6 pm to 7 pm). 

 This ends our position in Coog. I went home from my family at around 8pm and went to bed again in the afternoon. 


 wake up at 8 o’clock in the morning to praise the commemoration of my fourth wedding. Because of the cake action of Harsha and Chaitanya. Around 10 in the morning, I ate dinner and looked at the host family. We will always remember to live at home. This is the best of the rest of the tour. 

 Start touring Mysore. It is located about 130 kilometers from Cida Plata. 

 Especially we have to get to Bangalore before the end of the third day. We only chose two attractions in Mysore Zoo and Palace. There are many different attractions to visit, which will take another day. 

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 Mysore Zoo: 

 is an ordinary zoo with most of the creatures. I can’t keep up. If you are visiting the zoo for the first time, or if you have children, then at this point this is a must see. 

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 Mysore Palace: 

 has nothing to say. This palace shows the existence of the emperor of the Vadayar family. This will close at 5pm, so be sure to receive it. I stayed at the castle for about 1 hour. I took a solid manual to help us understand the historical background of the royal residence, but there are not many major attractions in the castle. After leaving the royal residence, don’t miss the museum, where you can see some things related to the lord.

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