The Benefits of a Home Exchange

Home Exchange

You have always wanted to live in Sydney, but you cannot afford to leave your Perth home unchecked and unprotected. If home maintenance and housekeeping are a concern for your vacation, as well as the lack of comfort of staying in a hotel or motel during a vacation, try a home exchange.  For example, you could do a home exchange with a condo owner in California that has always wanted to stay a while in Massachusetts.

Home Exchange gives Peace of Mind

Home exchanges are great ways for two homeowners to give each other peace of mind as well as a comfortable stay in a new city and possibly purchase a new home. The skills necessary of a house sitter, a person that participates in a home exchange, are many, but simple.

You merely have to do the exact same things that you would normally do to maintain your own home. These are mainly interior types of actions, like picking up after yourself or taking the trash out. If you are looking for a holiday exchange then is a vacation home exchange website allowing tenants to find a mutual exchange.

Major maintenance requirements, such as bills and outdoor types of cleaning are often done by the owner of the home. The main goal is to occupy the home and ensure that everything runs smoothly on both the inside and outside. At the same time, while in a new place, you can experience a new community without paying rent!

House exchange programs

House exchange programs range from simple listing services to full-service home swap coordinators. They also differ as to whether they list primary homes or limit their listings to vacation homes and second homes. Perhaps the most important way in which home exchange programs differ is in the types of exchanges they offer.

All programs offer the traditional mutual and simultaneous home exchange. Home swappers will likely have better luck with a program that also offers both non-mutual and non-simultaneous swaps.

Maintenance Required for Home Exchange

There is an emphasis on maintaining a “lived-in” environment during a home exchange because this is a sign of safety and a warning sign to potential thieves that this home is well-protected. During a vacation, homes are often burglarized because the suspects knew that the home would be unoccupied during their intrusion.

By having someone in your home while you are gone, the “lived in” look will be maintained. Your newspapers and mail will be taken care of, the lights will be on in the evenings, and the trash will be taken out. The home will look occupied, deterring thieves.

To become a successful sitter during a home exchange, there are many online listings and community tools that allow house sitters to view potential places to live and exchange homes. Join a listing and meet other homeowners looking for sitters or who are willing to sit.

Try setting up your next domestic vacation in a city where someone might be looking for a house sitter. You can exchange homes with another homeowner to create an affordable and comfortable vacation. Experience a new community and local culture without needing to stay in a hotel. A home exchange brings the ultimate experience of comfort and hospitality to potential home buyers.

What to look for in a home exchange program:

  • A program that allows for the flexibility of non-mutual (sometimes called indirect) and non-simultaneous home exchanges.
  • A program whose listings include only vacation homes and second homes.
  • A full-service home exchange program that will help with finding exchanges and arranging them.

At a time when other forms of travel are decreasing, Americans are turning to home swaps, as vacationers look to travel affordably and flexibly.

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The Vacation Exchange Network is the premier vacation home exchange program, with vacation homes and second homes all over the United States and around the world. We are the only program offering full-service coordination and the flexibility of exchanging where and when you want without having to find someone to use your home.

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