Have a Look at These Newly Launched HP Chromebook Laptops in India

hp laptop

HP is offering a new range of laptops belonging to the Chromebook category. These laptops are available at a very competitive price. Students and professionals will enjoy using this laptop which comes with a host of new features. They promise to offer the best laptop under 30000. 

The competitive HP Laptop Price is a new marketing strategy from HP. It is competing with the top laptop manufacturers and captures a lion’s share of the huge Indian electronic market. Strong research, continuous product improvement, and affordable pricing are unique to HP laptops. 

Today, they are dominating the world market with a wide range of computer hardware products. 

The HP range Chromebook laptops are a much-hyped topic in the electronic market. We will discuss the advantages of the HP Chromebook laptops in this article. Leading electronic gadget experts believe that this range of laptops will be very successful in the Indian markets. 

  • Ultra-Thin Design with extended battery life – The ultra-thin Design of the HP Chromebook series is the laptop’s first noticeable feature. Most of the readers will be impressed by the ergonomic ultra-thin Design. The extended battery life will assist students and working professionals who are on the move.
  • Light Weight – The laptop is lightweight and is best suited for students and working professionals. Today, more and more professionals are opting for lightweight laptops. 
  • Student Configuration – The Chromebook range laptops have pre-loaded applications and configurations that will assist students. In case you are a student and are looking for a good student laptop, then the Chromebook series is a good bargain. 
  • Competitive Pricing – The HP Chromebook range offers competitive pricing. The starting price is below 25000. This is the most competitive price bracket in the Indian laptop market. Students and working professionals are always looking for laptops belonging to this price segment. Apart from the competitive pricing, the laptop is powered by 4GB LPDDR4-3733 MHz RAM. This boosts the data processing capability of the laptop for multitasking.
  • Display and Graphics – The High Definition display of the HP Chromebook series offers a satisfactory visual experience for the customers. The laptop allows basic gaming features along with good sound output. The combination is ideal for students who would occasionally play games on the laptop. 
  • Additional 100 GB of Google Drive Space – With the Chromebook 14 purchase, the buyers get an additional 100 GB of Storage Space from Google. This is a bonus for the buyers of the HP Chromebook. For the first time, Indian consumers are getting an additional cloud storage space with a laptop’s purchase. Working professionals can utilize this complimentary storage space to save valuable documents and files. These can be viewed and retrieved for future reference.
  • Customer-Centric Approach – The unique customer-centric approach of HP has helped launch a unique series of laptops in the market. They have understood the basic consumer level expectation of Indian consumers. 
  • Attractive Colours – The Chromebook laptops come in two stunning colours – Chalkboard Grey and Snow White. These are two beautiful and sober colours. Along with the sleek and attractive Design, the sober colour choice has become a point of attraction for the HP Chromebook series. 

The new Chromebook from the house of HP is expected to become a hot seller in the upcoming months. The competitive HP laptop price range and relatively advanced features will make this series stand out from its competitors. This range had a strong pre-launch effect on the market. 

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The same effect was well received by the potential buyers in the market. Although the laptop had a launch date of April 2021, tech geeks were eagerly waiting for the laptop to hit the shelves.

HP laptops are one of the most highly sold products in the market. It has become successful owing to world-class products, great marketing strategy, and consumer research. 

It has helped them in reshaping their products to meet the needs of every consumer. For example, working professionals and graphic designers need different configurations for their laptops. HP has a solution for both. Its products are tailor-made for different customer segments. 

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