CCTV Camera Video Surveillance Technologies Prepared for Biosafety Challenges

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The reality we are going through is forcing us to rethink the use of IP video surveillance and audio with intelligent analysis for the benefit of all. An expert from Axis Communications ensures that the company’s solutions offer this possibility.

The panorama we are facing has highlighted the importance of joining forces for the collective well-being, in addition, this context has set a precedent for the electronic security sector, since the social dynamics of the so-called “new normal” requires technologies that are adaptable to the changes, in order to guarantee a safe return to activities, especially in the business sector, one of the verticals that has been most affected by the confinement.

To get ahead of the world’s challenges, countries will have to seek new regulations in business, industries and forms of coexistence in general, in order to guarantee the safety of all.

Today, for example, there is already a biosafety protocol approved and issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia. Said manual seeks to mitigate and control contagion risk situations, and it must also be implemented by companies and workers who need to continue or resume their activities during the health emergency period.

Facing this scenario, IP audio and video surveillance, together with video analytics, are committed to helping the population rejoin their daily activities and businesses to reestablish their economy.

Since its inception, video surveillance has demonstrated its great scope, first as a remote monitoring tool, and later as an important technology to prevent risk situations.

Its adaptation to the needs of society has gone to such a degree that it is currently widely used to collect data and provide intelligence to industries.

Today, as we face new challenges, the video industry is positioning itself as an indispensable ally to guarantee compliance with health protocols.

Some of the possibilities that video surveillance offers for proper compliance with biosafety regulations are mentioned below.

Prevention and management of contagion risk situations:

The protocol establishes that companies must provide the necessary mechanisms to avoid the transmission of diseases, as well as the timely identification of potentially dangerous situations.

For this purpose, there are technologies for detecting symptoms such as coughing. Video surveillance technology is poised to meet this challenge through intelligent analysis using audio identification.

When the camera detects the sound that people make when coughing, it can immediately send an alert signal to medical personnel, management or security guards, who can act quickly and efficiently to help the individual who showed an indication of the disease, this will mitigate the risk of contagion to all the people who are nearby.

Compliance with the general measures of the protocol:

The biosafety protocol establishes some general measures that must be taken into account for the return to activities, among them social distancing and hand washing stand out.

CCTV cameras in conjunction with smart speakers and video analytics help these standards to be met.

Social distancing analytics:

Video technology has had to adapt in order to identify areas where large numbers of people congregate and, if necessary, issue an announcement alerting security guards and inviting people to keep their distance.

This solution works by identifying the space between one person and another. By not detecting a predetermined distance area, it emits an alert signal with the help of the audio speakers to prevent risks. This technology can also help meet standards that employers must keep dining areas and work areas free of crowds.

Hand washing control solutions:

One of the rules mentioned in the biosafety protocol is to avoid physical contact, however, in the case of the upper extremities it is complex because through them we carry out activities such as taking cash, answering the phone, using computers, etc.

Therefore, through the integration of various audio, video and analysis devices, it is possible to guarantee constant hand washing compliance.

Through an access control it is possible to have a record of the people who enter an establishment, as well as the time in which they did so to have a control of the time they have been inside without cleaning.

The IP cameras can monitor people inside the offices and send them a message on their mobile or email to remind them to comply with this requirement.

Compliance with the use of personal protection elements:

One of the main ways in which diseases are transmitted is through saliva, for that reason the manual establishes that those responsible for managing safety in the workplace must ensure the correct use of protection tools, for example, the mask.

The integration of video devices with intelligent analysis in the entrances and interior of the enclosures is capable of detecting, through facial recognition, if a person uses their mask correctly.

In this way, those in charge of security will be able to be sure that everyone who accesses a place wears a mask, which will allow them to carry out any activity safely.

Integration of access control systems:

In section D of the biosafety protocol, it is proposed to eliminate fingerprint entry control systems and implement alternative systems, in order to eliminate physical contacts.

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Technology has taken an important step in this regard, since now contactless access control is a reality, it works by reading QR codes and digital access cards, ideal for workers or suppliers, since they do much faster management of tickets.

The only thing people have to do is present their cell phone in front of the video intercom and it will identify the code to allow access.

On the other hand, there are also access controls with facial recognition that have been widely accepted in the business sector to allow entry only to authorized personnel, which in addition to reducing risks of contagion helps to enhance security in the facilities.

Due to their characteristics, this type of solution is a great option for businesses to safely resume their face-to-face activities, adhering to biosafety guidelines and capable of safeguarding the people who work in the facilities.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that integrating these technologies helps to maximize the security of infrastructure assets and work equipment.

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