How to Identify Quality in a Clown Circus Bike


Just because you’ve heard the term “clown circus bike” applied to minibikes, circus bikes, and maybe even some stunt bikes doesn’t mean there’s anything clownlike about them. First of all, learning to ride one, and being proficient in handling, maneuvering, and even performing tricks with one requires great skill that eats up no small amount of attention and dedication. A clown might ride a clown circus bike, that term applies in name only.

Secondly, the minibikes and “clown bikes” themselves that these performers ride must be made to a high level of quality in order to be able to handle the stresses of ridership and performing tricks. Even if the bike is just used gently and for entertainment, the small frame and other features of the bike need to be able to accommodate “full size” riders, for lack of a better word.

The importance of quality in construction, components, and assembly is thrown into sharper relief when these circus clown bikes are used for trick or stunt riding. Anyone who gets in the saddle of a circus clown bike expecting to perform stunts and tricks that will stress the frame and rims had better stand on an assurance of quality. That affects more than just the practicality of the bike itself. It affects safety.

A few traits you’ll want to look for in a minibike that you actually intend to ride are a tough, durable, strong frame and rims that can handle hard use and keep on performing without failing or deforming. You’ll also want to look for quality crank arms and these will need to shoulder a lot of force, as well as a quality seat post.

You might also want to look for some ergonomic features that impact the viability of the handling and comfort of the little bike. With a really small clown bike, the values of comfort and ergonomics will be magnified wherever they are present.

Luckily, finding and even identifying quality like this is not as hard as it sounds, nor is it particularly difficult to find a clown circus bike that can offer some top-tier quality in construction. Visit and check out their minibike for a rundown of some of these features as they pertain to quality.

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Their UDC mini bike may be small, but it isn’t small in quality or workmanship. It features a heavy-gauge, steel frame that ties everything together. The little bike weighs almost 14 pounds when it’s assembled and it’s only 14 inches high and 17 inches long.

It also has mag chrome rims and solid rubber & plastics tires, which, though they might not provide the smoother ride of pneumatic tires, will last longer and you’ll never have to deal with a flat. Considering the forces that may be exerted on a minibike while riding it, these features are more than necessary.

In addition, their UDC mini bike comes with a fairly large, comfortable saddle and it has a lift handle as well. In some ways, it’ll be easier to carry this bike around than to ride it from place to place. This design will keep you comfortable while you’re riding and make transportation easier.

Best of all, anyone can learn to ride this little bike, even though it’ll take no small measure of dedication coupled with determination. To learn more about this unique model, or to investigate getting one for yourself, visit You’ll find this exact clown circus bike in their collection, along with a variety of other odd bikes and unicycles as well.

Check out their collection for yourself and if you have any questions, give them a call at 678-494-4962 for additional help. Their customer service team would be happy to help.

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