The Importance and Use of Parcel Mailing Bags

Parcel mailing bags

In the last few years, poly mailers have gained immense popularity in the e-commerce sector. These parcel mailing bags often come with padding inside and costs much less than corrugated cardboard boxes.

While cardboard boxes give added advantage for packing items, they can be unnecessarily expensive for less fragile items like books, apparel, and shoes.

To give you a better idea of parcel mailing bags, we have incorporated some of the reasons, types, and use of these mailing bags.

What are parcel mailing bags?

Parcel mailing bags, or poly mailers in technical terms, are lightweight, plastic bags to ship less fragile items. They came around in the market a few years back and quickly became very popular with e-commerce sellers.

Parcel mailing bags

Often these bags have padding inside to protect the products from any damage. Parcel bags have self-sealing folds that required no additional tape to secure the products. Usually, a shipping label with all the details (product number, colour, company name, etc.) is taped to the bag directly, making it super easy to track them and ship items.

Why are they used widely?

For many years cardboard boxes were a staple shipping material for retail businesses. It is very true that corrugated cardboard boxes offer maximum protection to goods that might be lacking in parcel mailing bags. However, not every item needs that kind of protection.

Also, with the advent of so many online clothing stores in the market, the competition is very high. Here are a few reasons why poly mailers are used for shipping.

A cost-effective option

Affordability has become a top priority among the sellers. While corrugated boxes are sturdy and resilient, poly mailers also give protection without being expensive.

With corrugated cardboard boxes, no matter how lightweight the package is, transport companies will charge more due to the size of the package. Parcel mailing bags take up lesser space than boxes, thus reducing the dimensional weight. This way, the companies can send out more shipments at a limited cost.

Easy storage

Shipping boxes can take a lot of space in warehouses. Parcel bags, on the other hand, can be simply stacked in a corner. They are easy to work with and do not require the amount of assembly needed for cardboard boxes.

Available in a number of options

Poly mailers are sleek-looking mailing bags that come in a variety of options. Unlike corrugated boxes, which are usually brown, poly mailers can be colourful, making them great for branding and customisation. You can simply choose a colour according to your brand and modify the parcel bags to delight your customers with a nice unboxing experience.

Eco-friendly options

If you are gasping at the thought of using plastic poly bags for shipping, no need to worry. There are companies that provide 100% recyclable, environment-friendly parcel mailing bags. You can even request packaging companies to make customised bio-degradable poly mailers for your brand.

What items can be shipped using parcel mailing bags?

Poly mailers are an excellent option if you want to ship non-fragile items that cannot get crushed or damaged due to rough handling.

Items like cold drinks, sunglasses, glassware should never be packed in these bags.


It is hard to crush or damage clothing items if they aren’t embellished with stones. Products like jeans, shirts, t-shirts, skirts kurtas do not get damaged during transportation. For dresses or lehengas with intricate details, stick to boxes or opt for customised mailing bags with firm cushioning.

Book or magazines

Books and magazines are fit for parcel mailing bags. However, to prevent books from bending or ripping, choose a poly mailer with a bubble lining.


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Shoes are a sturdy item, so it has a less chance of getting damaged in transit. But shoes like boots or sneakers are difficult to fit into poly mailers. In that case, stick to cardboard boxes.

Some beauty and wellness products

Now you obviously can’t pack items like perfumes or liquid face washes in parcel bags. They have a high risk of breakage and spilling. But products like a mascara tube or vitamin supplements can be packed in bubble-lined parcel bags. They are usually encased in materials that don’t break or spill easily.

Before packing your products in a poly mailer, think- will this product be okay if it gets thrown into a pile of bags? If the answer is yes, then that’s a product for poly mailers.

Parcel mailing bags are a great option if you want to cut shipping costs for non-fragile items. If you are thinking to switch towards more affordable options, check out Wellpack Europe for their wide range of eco-friendly mailing bags. They have a huge stock of pink mailing bags, grey mailing bags, red mailing bags, and so much more! You can choose the colour of your brand and personalise it accordingly.

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