Four Types of Vintage engagement Ring Styles from 1910s to 1940s

Vintage engagement Ring

Vintage have been around for quite some time. Whether they are passed down as a family heirloom or a brand new ring that you designed with your fiancé, the style of your engagement ring is important.

After all it that one piece of jewellery that you will wear for the rest of your life; hopefully as well as uniquely your’s.

To help you select that one ring, here are four types of vintage engagement rings from each decade, from 1910s to 1940s.

1. 1910s – The 1910s are all about carrying forward the styles of the Victorian era. The Edwardian engagement rings are often accented with elegant lace like filigree work in the band and the setting.

These delicate designs were typically symbolic featuring hands, heart, and other motifs representing love as well as unity.

Jewellery makers only started to use platinum in their designs. Using platinum in the 20 th century rings became common practice and it became the metal of choice for diamond rings.

2. 1920s – The Art Deco designs of the 1920s were in full swing and the style dictated trends from everything to cars, buildings, jewellery and of course these vintage engagement rings were no exception.

The unique style tend one of the most quintessential antique ring designs of the last century and is known to be still very wearable.

Art Deco rings have a very distinct characteristic known by their sharp lines, geometric designs that are made of multiple little diamonds. This is, rather than centering around one large stone.

3. 1930s – Art deco continues to be popular well into the 1030s with their geometric, multi stone rings remaining on trend. However, with the dawn of the Great Depression era, big and blingy jewellery took a back for most people except for the super rich.

Vintage engagement ring styles started to simplify during the 30s with a greater tendency to see one larger, often round stone at the centre.

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Multiple diamonds that were so much in vogue the earlier decade started to go obsolete. However, platinum still remained the metal of choice for rings.

4. 1940s – With the dawn of the 1940, the sharp lines if the Art Deco era took a slow turn towards floral inspired rings and even focused on a solitary stone instead of multiple little stones in a ring.

WW2 also affected the styles of the engagement rings when platinum became scarce while yellow and rose gold became more widely used in all types of jewellery.

Recently, mens vintage engagement ring styles have made a comeback. If your lady loves the retro feel like wooden  rings and the vintage affair, choose a similar ring for D-day.

Or if you have your mom or grandma’s engagement ring that has been passed down, you can polish and refurbish it,, making it brand new.

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