What are the topmost Indian food facts which will crave you to have it more?


Are you planning to visit the best Indian restaurant in Seattle for the first time? Well, you must make yourself familiar with Indian cuisine first and learn about some of the facts. This way your trip to the  Indian restaurant in Kirkland will be even more satisfying and you will enjoy it to the fullest. Let’s talk you through the Indian food facts which you should know about.

Fact 1

Indian dishes are cooked from the scratch. This means there is not anything pre-made. Even a roti is cooked every day by hand which makes the food taste even better and fresh. So, no matter what meal you are having you will have the food on your plate which is freshly made.

Fact 2

Most of the Indian households prefer to keep house-help. This way they get enough time to make the Indian dishes on their own. Basically, it makes the work 10 times easier and faster. Like people love to have healthy breakfast in the morning of aloo paratha which they prefer to make at home.

Fact 3

If you hear curry powder, then let me tell you there is no such thing in Indian cuisine. You mix different herbs and spices which makes the curry powder. You can say that a flavor base is created and then the main ingredient is added to the same. Most importantly, everything will be in the right balance.

Fact 4

Indian people love to eat with their hands like the South Indian rice is preferred to be eaten with hands. Also, make sure that you understand the right technique to use the spoon and knife and then use that when you having the meal.

Fact 5

If you want to try out the South Indian cuisine then you will mostly find mustard and coconut in their dishes. The South Indian dishes have coconut milk in them which makes the curry taste even more different. The freshness of coconut is worth every try.

Fact 6

If you ask for coffee then you will have Nescafe. Make sure that you try out the South Indian version of coffee. It is made with cream or milk and some people also like to add sugar to the same.

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Fact 7

Indian people like to have breakfast and that too which is heavy. They prefer to add masalas, spices, potatoes, and whatever seems best for their taste buds.

Fact 8

People prefer to eat late like their breakfast meal is eaten at 10 am or sometimes even late. For the lunch, they prefer to keep the time around 1:30 pm. For the dinner, they love to have their food around 9 pm.

Well! Indian cuisine is worth every try as there are different dishes which you can have. Just try it once and you will have a burst of Indian flavors in your mouth.

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