What are the top tips you need to consider while travelling during IVF?


You might be planning to travel to your favourite location or want to visit someone close. But planning for the journey seems overwhelming as you are undergoing fertility treatment. While your fertility journey at the best IVF Centre in Punjab is still under process, it is better that you prepare in advance to have everything properly managed. Just make sure that you visit the best infertility clinic in Ludhiana and if you have any doubt in your mind then please talk to the doctor beforehand.

What are the important tips to create your travel to-do list while undergoing fertility treatment?

In case there is something urgent or you have already booked for the flight, then here are some of the tips to create a to-do list.

  • Consult with your fertility doctor

Before you travel, make sure to ask the doctor if the place you are visiting is safe or not, like are there any possible chances of virus outbreaks like COVID-19.

  • Take your doctor number

An emergency situation can come anywhere, so it is important that you take your doctor’s number so that you can contact them anytime.

  • Keep your fertility medications

While you are traveling make sure that you take all the prescription medications along with you. Sometimes, there are certain medications that are not available at other places, so it is better that you bring your own stack.

  • Keep the medical supplies right

Now you also need to make sure that you have all your fertility medications and injections kept at the right temperature. In addition, you need to keep all the necessary supplies along with you like hand sanitizer, ice pack, alcohol wipes, and anything which you are using daily.

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Is it possible to fly following embryo transfer?

If we talk about the research, then there is no evidence that traveling can affect the IVF success rate or your chances to have a safe pregnancy. Well! you can travel to a different place or take a flight after undergoing the IVF treatment. Although, it is important that you stay in touch with the fertility doctor while you are there.

Additionally, it is better that you are near the fertility hospital between the 9 to 11 days of embryo transfer and a pregnancy test. This way you will be at ease and in case of urgent medical help you can get that right away, without worrying about anything.

Talk to the fertility doctor

No doubt, it is obvious to have concerns and doubts. So, make sure that you talk to the fertility doctor without delaying anything. No doubt, it is safe to travel during fertility treatment but before you make sure your mind gets medical advice. Your fertility expert is the right person to suggest to you what is best for your condition and if there are any problems, then accordingly suggest to you what path you need to take. Book your initial consultation at your earliest.

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