Tips and Strategies For Attempting Maximum Questions in JEE Exam

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The JEE Exam is one of the toughest and one of the most taken entrance exams in India. There are three sections in the exam and negative marking in all three of them makes it hard to keep the mind in a calm state during the exam. Hence, it is important for all the exam takers to have a strategy for the exam before taking it.

Here, we are sharing some of the best tips and strategies for attempting the maximum number of questions in the JEE exam. All the exam aspirants can take a thorough read and follow them to give their best hit in the exam.

1.   Practice Makes You Perfect

You must start preparing for the exam in a timely manner. One of the best ways to do so is, enrolling in some reputed JEE coaching centre in Kerala that offers all-around coaching and preparation guidance to its students. When you join a coaching centre you get trained under the guidance of expert teachers and you also learn various shortcuts, tips and tricks to bypass long calculations. These tricks and shortcuts allow you to save time during the exam. When you start preparing well in advance and keep using these shortcuts and tricks to bypass long calculations, you can get habitual to them.

2.   Consistent Practice and Memorizing Concepts

Mathematics is a subject that needs a consistent revision of concepts, formulas and theorems. So, you cannot expect to remember them rightly in the exam if you have started practising them just one week before the exam. The best way to prepare for the Mathematics section is to start solving reference books and preparation materials as per the class schedule. Solving problems based on the concepts taught daily in the class keeps your preparation speed decent and you don’t have a huge load of concepts to be revised and practised in a small time. This gradual and consistent preparation speed makes your preparation targeted for cracking the exam and also minimizes your problem-solving speed.

3.   Extra Attention For Physics 

As we mentioned earlier that you must start preparing well in advance, you must follow the same pattern for physics as well. However, there is one way Physics can require more preparation and dedication as compared to Maths – there can be more than one type of concept in a question and numerical can get trickier. While most of the students solve hard books like Irodov and other college-level reference books, it is not necessary to do so in order to prepare for JEE Main.

You must choose 2 or 3 reference books for different sections to solve the coaching practice material. Take mock tests from time to time to keep brushing up the concepts and avoid confusion.

4.   Practice Chemistry Seperately

Chemistry has three parts – physical, organic and inorganic. While organic chemistry requires cramming more than problem-solving, physical chemistry requires you to enhance your problem-solving skills. There are just formulas and values that can be crammed. Rest, you have to practice hard and keep revisiting things in order to avoid forgetting them.

5.   Don’t let the pandemic enforced restrictions affect your score

Because of the pandemic the students are attending the school classes online and online entrance coaching for JEE. Staying in front of the screens for the major portion of your day not only increases the screen fatigue but the lack of a proper class atmosphere also causes a lack of motivation. Hence, it is important to opt for coaching batches that are placed at proper gaps or time intervals. This will give you some free time from the monotonous online classes as well. Finally, you should also try to give your eyes some rest to ensure eye health.

As everything is online, you can easily find online mock tests that come with clocks and simulate the actual online exam. You can practice your time management skills as well as prepare yourself for the actual exam environment gradually.

How to solve more questions in JEE without having a high negative score?

One of the biggest mistakes that can kill your exam score is the negative score. Many students mark answers without properly thinking about the same as they have a “feeling” that this is the right answer. However, such mistakes amount to a huge negative score that can not only take your rank behind hundreds of students but also affect the overall exam score.

So, mark an answer only when you are sure about it. Always remember leaving a question unmarked is still better than earning a negative score.

Further, mark the answers right when you solve the questions and don’t leave the marking work until the end of the exam. If you leave the marking for the end time, the odds of you marking wrong answers become extremely high and you can accidentally mark wrong answers as well.

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Lastly, when you take online mock tests, you must check the explanations for the wrong answers you have marked and keep a record of the questions you answered wrongly. For example:

·         Attempt 1: Inorganic Chemistry Wrong Answers 4 and Maths Wrong Answers 5

·         Attempt 2: Organic Chemistry Wrong Answers 5 and Physics Wrong Answers 4

Keep a record for each subject and ensure that the average number of wrong answers decreases over time. This way, you will hone yourself to fight the urge to answer a question just for the sake of it.

We hope that the tips shared here prove beneficial for all our readers and exam aspirants. For more expert tips and guidance please reach out to us in the comments and we will surely respond. 

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