The Best Packaging Ideas For Soaps

Best Packaging Ideas For Soaps

To begin with, creating the soaps takes years and the soap industries have invested years to get the formula right. For some people, soap making is natural but it’s needless to say that every brand tries its best to perfect the soap recipes. However, it doesn’t matter how amazing the soaps are, figuring out the best packaging for soaps can be intimidating and challenging.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling homemade soaps or sending the soaps at a commercial level, presentation is everything. That being said, only with the right packaging, you will be able to create an impeccable product. So, if you want to eliminate the guesswork and choose the best packaging for your soaps, we are sharing the ideas with you!

Edible Labels

If you want something revolutionary without breaking your bank, opting for edible labels is the right choice. These are known to be the predesigned soap labels while offering a modern and clean appearance. In this case, you just have to choose the right color scheme and edit the labels that reflect your brand and customer.

It will eventually allow creating a promising space for soaps but you will be able to share the ingredients list with the customers. The best thing about this packaging idea is that the packaging will be easy to handle. For this reason, you can choose WeCustomBoxes because they have amazing kraft soap boxes and edible labels which are great for soaps as well as body butter and oils.

Pre-Printed Soap Labels

In case you don’t have the time to print the packaging or just aren’t keen about it, you can opt for the pre-printed soap labels because it helps add a personalized touch to soap packaging. To add a natural touch, we suggest that you add the botanical wrapping paper along with a soap label because it perfectly complements the soap products

Moreover, you can use the window soap labels because they have the cigar band and unique style in the central part of the packaging. The best thing about these labels is that you can customize the windows (you can cut out the moon, butterfly, flower, or more). To top it all, these labels are extremely affordable and will add a promising appearance without making a fuss.

Soap Boxes

Sure, you can always use the soap labels, but if you are selling homemade soaps, we suggest that you opt for the soap boxes. The soap boxes have become the easiest way of packaging homemade soaps and make a great option for gifting purposes. In addition, when you use a box, you can use the crinkle paper filler to prevent shifting.

The best part of soap boxes is that they are eco-friendly and are biodegradable. For brands that want to integrate the elegant presentation, you can tie the box with ribbons or add a sticker on top. You can also customize the shape of kraft soap boxes (they are generally available in rectangle and square shapes). Moreover, you can get the window cutouts for adding visibility.

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If you don’t want to use the labels or pack your soaps in the boxes, you can always opt for the bags. The soap bags can be found in various materials, such as paper bags, organza bags, waxed bags, and muslin bags. These soap bags can be decorated with fabric ink or stickers. We love how these soap bags look extremely elegant and offer protection of saps from dust and damage.

Secondly, we also suggest using clear cellophane bags because it allows the users to have a peek inside the bags and it’s great for soaps with the decorative element (do show off your amazing soaps). If the soap bags look simple, you can always tie a ribbon or add the label for adding the decorative element and keeping the bag closed.


If you are still looking for the right packaging solution, you can always choose tins. In case you are offering guest-size soap bars, you can opt for the round tins while rectangle tins are suitable for travel soaps and soap slivers. The tins are perfect for packing the shaving soaps as well as the refill soap bars. To top it all, you can always choose the tiny tin buckets if you want to gift the soaps!

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