Know The Best Things About The Sports Bike KTM Duke 125


2020 has brought a significant amount of changes to our mentality, lifestyle, and many beautiful bikes. The year of the pandemic hasn’t slowed down the craze of motorbikes. The KTM 125 Duke is one of these incredible two-wheelers that have changed India’s transportation landscape significantly. 

The KTM 125 Duke is one of the most powerful bikes in the 125cc class in India. Before the KTM Duke, India was unaware of the 125 cc sports bikes which prevailed in other countries. The engine is divided into a 6-speed gearbox, making it the first 125cc motorcycles in India to have a 6th gear.

This article discusses all the best things and riveting features you must know about the KTM 125 Duke.


The design of this bike is relatively old, but there’s a silver lining about it. The newer version of KTM Duke 125, released in 2020, comes with a single featherweight chassis framework. Its styling is inspired by the Duke 390. It is one of the most economical sport bikes in India, having a trellis chassis. 

It makes the KTM 125 Duke quite agile and is one of the best performing bikes on Indian streets. 

High Speed

The point where KTM 125 Duke outperforms other bikes of its category is at the higher rpm. Even with smaller engines, the top speed of the KTM 125 Duke is 120kmph. Ironically some of the 160 cc bikes have less max speeds even with a more powerful engine than the Duke 125.

Excellent Hardware

The 2020 version of the KTM Duke 125 comes with 43mm upside-down forks at the front wheel and a robust shock suspension at the back wheel. The bike’s braking system is equipped with a 300mm disc brake at the front and a 230mm disc at the rear. 

Both the brakes are aided with the help of a single-channel ABS. It is also the only 125cc bike with a single-channel ABS braking system that makes it relatively safe to ride.

Robust Engine

The KTM 125 Duke was introduced as a completely new bike for the market with striking features. The presence of the 125cc engine produces a max power of about 14.5bhp. Although, the maximum power and torque output of these bikes come at a very high rpm. 

It is also the first bike in India to feature a six-speed transmission gear system.

Low Price

Undoubtedly, the KTM bikes price list is pretty economical in a country like India. The 2020 version of the KTM 125 Duke costs around INR 1.4 lakh. You can even purchase a proper 200cc bike within this range. It proves the popularity of the bike. The economic value of the motorbike makes it a practical choice for all the people of India.

The KTM bikes price list for the best-selling KTM bikes which are released in India are:

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KTM 125 Duke   INR 1.51 Lakh
KTM 200 Duke   INR 1.81 Lakh
KTM RC 390     INR 2.60 Lakh
KTM RC 200     INR 2.04 Lakh
KTM RC 125     INR 1.62 Lakh
KTM 390 Duke   INR 2.70 Lakh

From the KTM bikes price list, it is evident that KTM 125 Duke has the lowest price out of the whole lot. The pocket-friendliness of the bike has proved to be the most standing out characteristic compelling youth to purchase it.


KTM India is known for selling some of the best economical bikes in India, and the new KTM 125 Duke is not an exception to this. The 2020 version of the KTM 125 Duke is quite a lovable bike. It is an excellent option for people having a tight budget. Compared to other bikes, The Duke 125 gives close competition to bikes such as Yamaha MT-15, Bajaj Pulsar NS200, TVS Apache RTR 200. 

In a nutshell, it is one of the best motorcycles you can purchase in the 125cc class and is a proven performer on the Indian roads. 

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