Innovative Middle Eastern Inspired Home Decor

Middle Eastern Inspired Home Decor

For some, a home is a place of refuge. For others, it’s where memories are made. Whatever the reasons may be, there are certain aspects that can make your home more welcoming and inviting to guests or yourself for that matter. One way you can make your home beautiful and stylish is introducing Middle Eastern-inspired decor in your space. Middle Eastern home decor has a rich history with centuries of tradition, color, and intricate craftsmanship. Homeowners looking to infuse their homes with the Middle Eastern flair might find themselves overwhelmed by the wide variety of options available.

The first step is to determine what kind of style you are trying to achieve in your home. Are you interested in more traditional pieces or modern twists on old ideas? Do you want something that feels like it’s been around for centuries or do you want something more contemporary?

Middle Eastern style is all about elegance, tradition, and culture. The Middle East has long been a region that was known for its rich history and high fashion. So why not bring the charm and rich culture of the Middle East to your home? Home decor with Middle Eastern touches will be a great addition to any room in your house! Here are the tips and ideas on how to decorate your home with trends and styles of Middle Eastern countries:

Rugs and Pillows

Add some spice by introducing oriental rugs, colorful floor pillows, or low tables adorned with decorative fabrics and metal accessories. The rich tradition is famous for its colorful crafts and traditional antique rugs on the floor. Also, a room is incomplete with proud pillows and cushions. Their dining area also consists of colorful exciting pattern area rugs with cushions and a low table in the center.

Middle Eastern home decor is a great way to add an exotic flair and extra pizzazz. Middle eastern inspired home decor can be anything from the traditional rugs, floor pillows, and low tables with decorative fabric or metal accessories to Moroccan-style tapestries! With so many different options available it’s easy to find something that will suit your taste and style. With its exotic blend of colors and materials, the Middle East is an ideal place to find a carpet that will create a sense of warmth in any living space. These carpets are so beautifully intricate they often serve as wall hanging and bed throws.

Crockery Details

Let your dishes speak for themselves with gorgeous handcrafted Middle Eastern pottery and serving ware. Middle Eastern crockery is perfect for the dinner table and can be used as a hostess gift or part of your own personal collection. Their Pottery includes many different shapes and materials, but all typically have an intricate, beautiful design that brings to mind the colors and textures of the region’s landscape and culture.

Turkish and Persian Patterns

A Middle Eastern home is not complete without the typical Turkish or Persian patterns that can be used as an area rug, tablecloth, even clothing. These patterns can also be found on pottery, carpets, and tiles. a middle eastern inspired home is where rich patterns can be seen everywhere. The walls should be well decorated and the rooms carpeted with the most exquisite rugs. the bed covered in the most luxurious silk and velvet and the curtains heavy and glamorized.

Decorative Fountains and Indoor Plants

Bring the outdoors inside by placing some plants or a decorative fountain to any room, just don’t forget the goldfish! Middle Eastern homes are incomplete without indoor fountains and plants. The middle east has a hot climate, so these water sources help to cool the home down. Not only do decorative fountains provide an aesthetic for your room they also add life sounds such as running water or trickling water soothes your nerves and refreshes your mind.

Wooden Accessories

If you’re looking to take it up to another level of luxury then add intricate wood carvings, rich and scented wooden adornments. A Middle Eastern-inspired room is not complete without a decorative divan! A divan is a long, low sofa/couch with pillows. Middle Eastern homes have large ornate carpets and divans are often covered in them for maximum comfort. Furniture made from wood can be more expensive to manufacture than furniture out of other materials such as metal or plastic so make sure you buy quality pieces that mean they are durable. Dressers and wardrobes are often made of wood to give them a traditional look. Middle Eastern home decor can be used as an inspiration if you’re looking to update your decoration or renovate your house with new trends and unique styles.

Lamps and Lights

Bring more light into the room by using lamps decorated with floral motifs or adding new furniture pieces like coffee table sets; the Middle Eastern style is all about bringing in more light. Pendant lamps are an excellent way to add height and area coverage for lighting the room while also being decorative with their ornate and colorful designs. Moroccan and Turkish style lamps and hanging lanterns add a touch to the desert tradition and rich culture.

Never Forget Natural Materials

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Utilize natural materials such as wood, marble, and stone to add an earthy, organic feel. natural materials are about adding warmth and texture to your home. use wood and marbles in decoration and add stone accessories. Wood, stone, and Marble adornments are the sign of middle eastern culture. to bring the colorful and exciting culture to your home, then decor it with heavy wooden and stone accessories. design the marble flooring for a complete design.

Chess Sets and Ornate Vases

Utilize Middle Eastern decorative objects such as chess sets or ornate vases. The metallic vases in the corners and chessboard on the central table are a perfect middle eastern decor combination. Most of the floors in the middle eastern homes are also chequered patterns. their culture is about exquisite patterns and attractive accessories and adornments in their homes. They create a royal style in the homes with the use of metallic vases and expensive fabrics from floor to bed.

Where to Find a Rug for the Middle Eastern Inspired Home Interior?

Oriental rugs are one of the most beautiful and amazing things in life and a complimentary item in Middle eastern inspired homes. They not only make your home look stunning, but they also provide a wonderful feeling of comfort when you walk on them. You can find traditional and hand-woven oriental rugs at RugKnots that will bring an extra element to any space because we have rich design and pattern options for every style of décor. We want to help you create the best rug for all those rooms around your house so give us a call today!

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