How to Grow and Make Your Own Herbal Incense

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Growing herbs is something I enjoy, but I sometimes have more than I know how to use. Is this you?  you need some new ideas for how to use them? Incense with herbs adds pleasant aromas to your home and helps you use up the excess herbs in your garden.

Incense made from herbs can also be used as a party favor or gift. It’s a common feeling to feel euphoric when we walk among the flowers and herbs. You can also get the same effect by keeping them small and burning them indoors.

For thousands of years, herbs incense have been around. It has been used in ritual cleansing and religious practices. Catholic priests still use incense to purify the sanctuary and smell it during mass according to the biblical edict.

Incense can be used to make your home smell great and brighten up your mood, regardless of whether it is tied to any ceremony. We’ll show you how to make an herb incense package with plants you’ve grown.

What is Herbal Incense and How Does It Work?

Incense is any material that you burn to create an odorous, preferably pleasant, smoke.

Dried herbs bring the incredible scents of nature inside. Although you can buy artificial incense in the stores, I prefer natural scents to those found in the home. So I grow dried herbs in my garden.

In winter, I love to light herb bundles on my woodstove. I find the aroma of the herbs mixed with woodsmoke to be comforting and relaxing. It makes me want to curl up in my rocking chair and look at seed catalogs.

What Herbs Make Incense Work Well

While herbs might seem like a summer treat, many of these herbs can be used indoors to make incense bundles throughout the year. You can make incense bundles all year, even when the growing season isn’t yet here. Liquid herbal incense


Both the leaves and the dried flower buds of lavender produce a scent that is light and refreshing when you burn them. Long-time lavender has been used for relaxing and to ease insomnia. Lavender is said to have therapeutic properties that aid in anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


Lemongrass is a tropical herb that can be grown in a container or in a greenhouse. It is well worth growing because of its fresh scent and great culinary potential. It can be used in combination with some pungent herbs, such as rosemary and sage.


Cedar isn’t an herb. It’s an intensely fragrant evergreen. When crushed, the needles become extremely pungent. Cedars contain volatile oils in their leaves. They also crackle slightly as they burn. Place the leaves on the stems and put them among your herbs.


The fresh energizing smell of rosemary gets you off the couch and motivated to tackle the next job – at least it does me. Rosemary is a good addition to other herbs.

Rosemary can be sensitive when exposed to cold temperatures so make sure you bring it in for the winter. You can then enjoy the rosemary’s scent fresh after it has dried.


One of the most popular ceremonial smudge plants, sage, is believed to cleanse, purify and remove negative energy. It is also a wonderful aroma when it is burned, and blends well together with rosemary and other herbs such as thyme.

White sage is the herb typically used in smudging and ceremonial use but for incense, you can use any variety of culinary sage as well.


Eucalyptus is a native of Australia and Tasmania. It can also be grown in warmer climates in the U.S. It can be used as a potted garden plant, so you can keep it outside in the summer and bring it in in the winter.


Hyssop, an herb popular since biblical times that has ancient connections to purification work. The scent is wonderful.

The herb is used to treat a variety of ailments, including a cold. Hyssop is a scent you can either love or hate. Therefore, it’s a good idea to first try it and find out if it suits you.


A native of Eurasia, mugwort grows throughout the U.S. Because it is an invasive species, it quickly takes over like mint. You may be able to forage it in wild areas.

In the past, burning mugwort was believed to increase one’s ability to dream. The scent is soothing, regardless of whether it’s true. To enhance the relaxing effects, mix it with lavender.

Avoid Plants

Some herbs smell wonderful in the garden, but others are terrible when burned. Lemon balm and mint both smell amazingly fresh. When they are lit as herbal incense, however, they smell terrible. Save them for when you want to make herbal salts, candles, or tea.

How to Make strongest herbal incense


  • Strings of hemp or cotton
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Container that can withstand heat


  1. Get your herbs: Flowers that can be dried such as statice and baby’s breathing, or yarrow, are also possible. Also, pine needles or cedar branches can be added. Trim stems to 7 inches. The stem should have about two inches of the leaf at its end.
  2. Measure one piece of hemp or cotton: You can find it here. It should measure approximately 2 feet in length.
  3. Bind the bundle:  Bunch 10 stem ends together and ties a knot using the twine one inch above the cut end. You want everything to fit snugly and the bottom to be aligned. This is because it will dry slowly and evenly.
  4. Wrap: Wrap the string around your herbal incense bundle. The wrapping should be tight. Pushing the stems together is okay. The string will loosen as the herbs dry.
  5. Wrap the opposite direction: Cross your string over when you reach the end. The string should look crisscrossed.
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  7. String Tie: Your bundle should be completed at the end.
  8. Your herb bundle can be dried: a cool, dry place. I like to place mine in a paper bag, the type you use for lunches. This keeps insects and dust off the herbs. Allow it to dry for 3 weeks or longer. It must be dry before it can be burned.
  9. When the herbal incense will be ready: Use a lighter or match to light the flame. Let it burn for several seconds.
  10. Blow: Allow the herbs to smolder. Your herb bundle can be placed in a heatproof box and you are good to go!

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