How to Grab More Customer Attention In CBD Business?


The cannabis pre-rolls are one of the hottest sensations among smokers today. Though they aren’t new and the trend can be traced back to as early as the 1800s, recent years have seen an increase in the use of these pre-rolls. This is partly because of the governments partially legalizing the sale and purchase of hemp-based CBD products. 

Marijuana or hemp pre roll consists of a grated cannabis flower rolled into a joint. It frees the user of the need to crush the flour and roll it into a joint. Smokers prefer marijuana pre-rolls because of the health benefits associated with the nonpsychoactive hemp extract. The initial research suggests that CBD has some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties from which the human body can benefit in a number of ways. And among several other ways, one way to do so is by smoking the cannabis flower-based joint. 

Besides being a herbal alternative to nicotine-based conventional cigarettes, these pre-rolls are being smoked by many in order to get rid of the carcinogens associated with the latter. The nicotine-free versions of hemp-based pre-rolls are relied upon in order to withdraw from the nicotine-based cigarettes. Moreover, the wide variety of available flavours with varying strengths make them a favourite choice for smokers. You can get a flavour according to your taste and can even get the strength of your choice. It is because of this liberty that people are turning more towards CBD pre-rolls rather than cigarettes. 

It’s the Style that Matters

For smokers, quality, taste, and strength are not the only considerations. More than this, the pre-rolls are a style statement. Hence, it is important that they are presented well. The pre roll boxes should be stylish and trendy. Moreover, Make sure that the boxes are of such precise size that the pre-rolls fit snugly into them. They should neither be too loose nor too tight. 

Besides, the pre-roll box should be easily portable. Consider going for more than one size so that the customers are free to choose according to their preferences. Most brands offer pocket-size pre-roll boxes for the convenience of carrying them. 

In order to attract customers, make sure your boxes are as trendy as possible. Because the customers are looking for the taste alone. They are looking for a pre-roll pack that complements their style and looks premium.

Do not Compromise on Finishing

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It isn’t as costly as it sounds. The final coating is as essential for a pre-roll box as the quality of your pre-rolls. The final coating gives your boxes an extra luxurious look and helps them shine out on the others. Packaging companies offer a range of finishing options like matte coating, glossy finish, aqueous coating, semi-gloss finish, and rose gold finish, etc. You can choose the one according to your taste. 

These finishing options not only make your boxes look glamorous but also protect the printed text underneath and the boxes do not wear off too easily. It is totally worth spending a bit extra on the final finishing as it adds a lot to the sales and attracts the customers looking for a premium outlook. 

Pay Attention to the Printing Quality

Quality of print is one of the basics and most decisive things in the success of any brand. And here, the minutest things can have the greatest impact. Pay attention to the precision of colors and make sure that you get the highest quality printing for your custom cbd boxes. For that matter, never rely on a packaging company which doesn’t use the latest equipment. Whether you choose digital printing or offset printing, always get it done with the latest machinery and experienced staff. 

Moreover, the additional printing features like debossing, embossing, spot UV, and gold or silver foiling etc. are the additional printing options which add uniqueness to your boxes. Try them to give a 3D impact to your logo and make it stand out from others by getting it noticed. Get the important text printed in a symmetry which is pleasing to the eyes and does not give a congested look.