How to Choose a 10 Passenger Car Rental for Your Road Trip?


When you are going on a trip and want to rent a car, choosing the right vehicle is incredibly important. This is especially true for a big family trip, a business trip with colleagues, or a road adventure with friends, because for all these purposes you need a large 10 passenger car rental. 

The fact is that most travelers only take into account such characteristics as the number of seats and the size of the trunk. Naturally, they are important, but this is clearly not enough to make the right choice.

Car rental for 10 passengers has a lot more criteria that can affect the future travel experience. Let’s take a look at some of the options for these cars so you can find the best rental car for your next big trip…

General Capacity 

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The increased number of seats is one of the fundamental characteristics of passenger cars. If your family is 4-5 people, a 7-8 seater minivan will be enough for you for a comfortable trip. 

However, if in addition to 2-3 children, you are planning to travel with your parents or a group of friends, then you can’t do without a spacious 10 passenger car rental. 

Interior space features

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Here, the passenger van is one step ahead of minivans: if the differences are small in width, then such a car is clearly in the lead in terms of seat depth and roof height. If you are planning to have long family trips, it’s recommended to choose a car with a large number of different storage devices – boxes, shelves, and pockets. 

If there are small children in the family, you should think about the possibility of placing car seats in the cabin, while it would be good if access to such car seats is equally easy both from the back and from the front. This option is not provided on all models. 

Of course, the obvious advantage would be the ability to remove any seat in order to replace it with a sliding dining table or TV/laptop panel. The ability to rotate the seats 180 ° will be another great benefit.

Interior transformation capabilities 

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Review (2021) | 2sleepylagoonter-

Quite often, the cabin of a 10 passenger car rental is used to transport personal belongings or bags. Although the luggage compartment of passenger vans is higher than that of minivans, it may not be sufficient. Therefore, folding seats are a must-have for any car of this class. 

Even better, if these seats are removable. In such cases, the capacity of the luggage compartment can be increased five times compared to the basic version. With the second and third rows of seats completely dismantled, you can transport even bulky camping equipment in the car.

Engine characteristics


If high speed performance is especially not needed for a family car, then fuel consumption is quite an important feature. Since a 10 passenger car rental vehicle is initially less efficient than a station wagon or minivan, you will have to accept that fuel costs will be higher. On the other hand, you don’t need to rent a car with a low-power engine, because this also affects the safety of travel, especially when traveling in mountainous regions. 

So, when choosing between a car that can travel 20 miles per gallon or 40 miles per gallon, you should give preference to a car with an average fuel efficiency rating of 30 mpg. Keep in mind that a diesel engine with the same dynamic characteristics is more fuel-efficient, so if possible, it’s better to choose just such a car.

Drivetrain configuration

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In terms of suspension details, this isn’t the worst part for passenger vans, regardless of the type of suspension design. However, as for the drivetrain configuration, you should certainly prefer the cars with all-wheel drive, since such vehicles have improved handling, stability and indirectly improve the safety of the car as a whole.

Roof rack 

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In most cases, this element of the exterior is the last thing you pay attention to. If you choose a 10 passenger car rental, then most likely you won’t have any problems with the luggage compartment space. 

However, when all the seats are occupied, the presence of a roof rack may not be superfluous, so it’s better to choose a car with the ability to install roof rails. 

Parking assistant 

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Even compared to a station wagon or minivan, the passenger van is generally noticeably longer. Given the lack of urban space, this is a very important factor that complicates maneuvering and parking. 

In addition, if you consider that the rear window is located much further from the driver, then visibility is not the best quality of such a car. Often, even experienced drivers have difficulty when parking and maneuvering an oversized vehicle with poor rear visibility. Thus, the presence of parking sensors will be very helpful.

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As you see, a 10 passenger van is a cross between a minivan and a large 15-seater full-size van. With a large capacity, this type of car is more fuel efficient than a large SUV and more spacious than a 7-8-seater car. With all-wheel drive, you get a great vehicle for a variety of travel needs. 

From the point of view of the interior transformation possibilities, passenger vans are beyond competition. You have a great opportunity to model the interior space of the car on your own. With ever-increasing demands for comfort on long-distance journeys, these are great vehicles wherever you go.

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