How To Advance Your Construction Career With a Few Simple Steps

construction career

If you have been working in construction for a while, and feel stuck due to no progression, then these steps can help you to start making a real difference to your construction career. Furthermore, if you have never worked in construction before, these steps can help you with planning for your future career.

Take Courses

One of the most straightforward steps is to take a course in an area of construction you are interested in. This can open up your awareness of the different pathways in construction. Furthermore, it can allow you to gain the experience needed to be accepted into more advanced job positions. For example, maybe you are a labourer, but you have never progressed far past this point. Well, there is the potential for you to become a site manager. You are going to want to have some management skills, therefore, a HND Business Management could be a fantastic starting point. This is a fairly short course, and it will give you many of the skills you need to get accepted into managerial positions.

You can also take courses that are more directly related, such as a site supervision and site management course. These will give you the qualifications that employers like to see.

Join a Chartered Organisation

In the UK, many construction professionals are part of a Chartered Organisation. This means that the organisation has been given a royal charter. This demonstrates its successes in raising the standards of the industry. They also give those within the industry the opportunities to progress with their career. By joining one of these organisations, you are gaining some of the best recognition you can get in the industry. For example, there is RICS, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, for those wanting to become a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. There is also the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) or those who wish to become chartered as a builder.

In order to join these chartered institutions, you must have memberships. It is likely that you will have to complete a professional review which assesses your skills and competencies. Only the best professionals will be able to obtain certain membership grades.

Try To Work on Projects Worldwide

Choosing to work on construction projects around the world is a really great way to showcase your skills. This will also open up your chances to become involved in larger and more exciting projects which will increase both your salary and your job satisfaction. If you always choose to work in one area and only on certain types of construction projects, then you are not doing enough to put yourself out there.

Get Certifications

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There are a number of different certifications that successful construction professionals obtain. A classic example of this is the PMP certification. The Project Management Professional is just one of the certifications that the Project Management Institute offers.

Certification is really important. It shows that you have passed an examination or series of examinations that demonstrate you have in a particular area.

When employers look at your CV, they want to be impressed. Make sure you have a section about the organisations you are involved with and the certifications you have obtained. Don’t forget your experience and your educational qualifications.


The final step that will be outlined in this article is networking. This is one of the best ways that you can get to know fellow professionals and increase the opportunities that you can get involved in. These opportunities will vastly advance your construction career. A good networking tool is LinkedIn. Here, you can search for connections based on experience, company they work in and more. It is also a great place to search for jobs.

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