How the pandemic has changed the way homes are designed

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives. Similarly, it has made us rethink how homes are designed and implement some changes in the way future homes will be built. A lot of new ideas developed during the pandemic situation will go forth to transform the home designing process in the future.

More than ever in the past, the pandemic situation saw our homes fulfill a greater number of roles in our lives. The adaptability they will develop in the future based on the newer requirements will help accommodate more activities and facilities we expect our homes to support. Here are a few ways in which home designs in Discovery Ridge Real Estate Calgary might change in the future following Covid-19.  

Adaptable layouts

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The pandemic has enabled us to connect with our homes in a better way, both physically and mentally. This trend will persist even after the pandemic subsides. To support this trend, homes will have to accommodate more facilities, amenities, services, and activities in the future. There will be designated spaces for a number of specific activities like exercising, entertaining, reading, lobbying, and napping. This will mean breathing in a lot of adaptabilities into home designing. 

Private outdoor spaces
Confined to their homes for extended periods of time, people have learned the importance of outdoor lives. Their need to connect with nature in an open environment, enjoy refreshing walks in open spaces, relax amidst a pool or pond set up in the garden are highly desired in every home as moving out of the homes for these purposes might not be a safe idea now and in future. Home designers will henceforth need to provide some private outdoor spaces for every type of home they will design. Though integrating outdoors effectively into home designing can be a real challenge especially in cases where there are constraints of space, this will be nevertheless highly expected in future homes. 

New types of home office
With a lot of people forced to work from home, many homes have converted their dining tables into make-shift office workspaces. These new offices set up at homes might not be able to provide all the amenities expected from a productive workspace. However, the flexibility of working from home is a great convenience many started loving and the experts say remote working or work from home can be the new norm in the future. To meet the arising needs of home offices, designers will have to create functional private offices into their home design.

Sanitized Doorways
After the restrictions were lifted in China, a restaurant has started spraying disinfectant on the guests entering the facility through the main doorway. Even homes might take interest in implementing such concepts in their design. Entryways will have to include aspects that will help them clearly demarked as transitional spaces where the entrants will have to remove their shoes, hang their jackets, and sanitize their hands during entry.

Smart Kitchens
People are more inclined to stay at their homes now and the significance of full-fledged kitchens within homes has grown during our times. People are aiming to make fewer trips to stores and hence pantries are becoming a more integral part of homes. The rise of a hands-free mindset in people will also necessitate smart kitchen designs in the future. Some of the aspects kitchen designing will need to incorporate are voice-activated technology controlling the faucets, appliances, and lights.

Air Purification Systems
The importance of pure air inside homes is one of the most prominent considerations promoted by the Covid-19 situation. The need to limit the entry of unfiltered air into homes is being felt now. Air purifications systems will rise in homes in order to purify the outside air and supply it to the interiors to make the indoor environments healthier.

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