How Product Decorators Take up Lost Business in Pandemic?

How Product Decorators Take up Lost Business in Pandemic?

Everyone now realizes that much remains unknown as the second or third wave of the Covid-19 virus spreads across the globe. But one thing is sure: your clients, suppliers, and rivals are all keeping an eye on you. And how a company approaches its recovery can have a long-term impact on its credibility and profitability.

While not every company can rebound from the crisis, those with a positive attitude and a high-risk appetite will thrive in the face of adversity. It’s time to realign your business with ImprintNext to have a new standard and set up your turnaround plan, as changing consumer needs and purchasing habits undermine conventional business models and force companies to accelerate digitization.

1. Customer Trends:

You’re probably aware that the eCommerce industry and online shopping are increasingly growing unless you’ve been living under a rock. Customers have begun to shop online to avoid having to go out and buy in shops due to the pandemic.

For shoppers, there are many advantages to shopping online:

  • You are not needed to get out of bed.
  • You can choose next-day delivery. You have more product details,
  • And your shopping experience could be more personalized.

As a result, printing companies should be prepared to market their goods and services online. Sellers should strive to assist their customers in finding anything they need on the online store and delivering it to them safely.

2. Impact on Communication:

Although in-person sales have always been a vital indicator of the economy as a whole, things will be slightly different in the coming months as the pandemic holds people indoors.

Shortly, we assume that online orders will lead to sales. The rising demand for short-run online customized orders also presents an opportunity for printers.

3. Make Up the Lost Business:

Use market recovery to your advantage. It’s always a good time to start over and develop your brand to drive sales. You’ll need to reset your product catalog and services to get the desired results. Remove the obsolete items from your catalog and replace them with new ones based on the demand generated by Covid-19. Then, in accordance with new safety and occupational regulations established by your local regulatory authority, coordinate your workplace and employees.

Then, by working on a promotional schedule for dates that are important to your company and marking the highest sales seasons, you can fill up your annual marketing calendar. When it comes to developing relationships with your clients, the right pacing, playfulness, and personalization go a long way. People would appreciate it if you are truthful and open about your campaigns.

4. Best Sellers During the Pandemic:

Electronics, especially mobile phones, have always been the top-selling category in the eCommerce industry, followed by apparel. Though these are still the most popular, COVID-19 has led to the emergence of new ones.

Floor graphics, corona signs and banners, healthcare items such as forms and signage, and safety gear such as face masks, face guards, sanitizer dispensers, and sanitation stations are all examples of this. Through collaborating with drop ship vendors and third-party inventory suppliers, you can take advantage of the rising demand for these items and extend your product offerings.

Printing is required for personalized orders, and digital printing has revolutionized the industry. It has made it possible for printers to accept short-run jobs for a wide range of products, including customized clothes, gifts, picture books, wallpapers, and portable packaging, as well as furniture and décor.

5. Offers Attracts Customers:

Due to low footfalls, the offline segment has seen an extremely low volume of business this year, which could discourage offline corporations from providing deep discounts to attract customers. For online players, this presents an opportunity.

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Give brilliant discounts on overall order value or quantity ordered to concentrate on attracting new customers. To inspire them to buy online, offer them free shipping. Yes, you can charge a premium for individualized services such as artwork design assistance or photo enhancements.

You may also deliver discount coupons as a loyalty incentive to keep current customers coming back for more.


Allowing consumers to personalize their experience is a smart way to differentiate themselves from the competition. After all, who knows what the customer wants better than the customer?

Look for ways to provide consumers with a unique and personalized experience at every point of their journey. It becomes obvious how each of your customers’ needs differs once you understand the various types of customers that buy from you. By catering to these specific needs, you can improve customer retention and loyalty.

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