How Heating Oil Companies Can Help HVAC Contractors

HVAC Contractors

Heating oil is one of the most popular fuels that home and business owners use to keep their properties warm and comfortable throughout cold weather. To obtain this essential fuel source, consumers must work with a heating oil supplier, either through a delivery contract or on an as-needed basis. However, oil is just one part of the equation; sometimes, heating equipment breaks down, requiring assistance from a licensed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor.

What Is an HVAC Contractor?

An HVAC contractor specializes in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They perform residential work to keep families warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as commercial jobs within businesses, government buildings, and more. Contractors are licensed to install, maintain, and repair the equipment that moves heated and cooled air throughout properties, including furnaces, boilers, and other components. If a property owner has a product that needs emergency repair, routine maintenance, or replacement, this is the type of business they should call.

What Is the Relationship Between HVAC Contractors and Heating Oil Companies?

In many cases, oil companies only offer fuel delivery to residential and commercial clients. This means that a separate HVAC company must handle any equipment issues. Many oil companies can benefit from partnerships with local HVAC companies that can step in to assist with matters beyond oil delivery. Of course, the HVAC contractors can also benefit from this relationship, as it gives them access to a network of loyal customers who will likely need repairs, maintenance, and other services. Having two experienced teams working together gives customers the comprehensive assistance they need without searching around for different providers.

Do Some HVAC Companies Offer Both Services?

Oil companies specialize in delivering fuel for heating systems that burn heating oil. While many HVAC contractors have a great deal of experience with heating and cooling systems, they often lack the ability to provide heating oil services. However, when they team up with a dedicated oil supplier, both businesses benefit from the partnership.


Some full-service oil companies offer a comprehensive experience, providing oil delivery, maintenance, repairs, inspections, installations, and more. These businesses are particularly appealing to consumers, as they allow them to address all of their heating and cooling needs without searching for separate providers. Whether the oil tank runs empty or an air conditioning unit breaks down, home and business owners can get their HVAC system back on track with just one phone call.

The Benefits of Partnerships Between HVAC Contractors and Heating Oil Companies

When customers choose a full-service heating oil company to manage their HVAC system, they get a professional team that does a lot more than simply fill their heating oil tank. These dealerships have an in-depth knowledge of home heating equipment, air conditioning systems, and HVAC installation. They hold high standards for their technicians and often employ some of the most experienced professionals in their service area. 


Consider these additional reasons why heating oil companies and HVAC contractors go hand in hand:

Established Relationships with Suppliers 

HVAC contractors work with manufacturers and distributors to acquire the equipment and parts necessary to keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This partnership can also benefit heating oil companies, as they can rest assured that any installations or repairs completed for their clients will be of the highest quality.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Many home and business owners know that their local heating oil company has their best interests at heart. They care about the people in their communities because, after all, they rely on their neighbors to become loyal customers. These companies know that when their clients are happy, they are likely to come back for maintenance and repairs over the lifespan of their heating and cooling equipment. This is why heating oil companies often pair with HVAC contractors as part of their business plan. When consumers work with one business that can do it all, they feel more confident knowing that their needs will be taken care of.

Increased Trust Among Clients

Choosing a heating oil company that offers HVAC equipment installation and service means that the customer will have access to a team that cares about more than simply selling a product and getting the job done. Being able to trust their HVAC installer to walk them through the process is important to any homeowner, and they want to know that their technician isn’t going to cut corners. Because home and business owners often have long-lasting relationships with their oil suppliers, it’s only natural that they’ll trust any maintenance or repairs the company provides, too.

Improved Reputation 

Companies that offer heating oil and HVAC services are often known for providing prompt, reliable service when customers need it most. The last thing home and business owners want is to be left in the cold during the winter or without AC during a summer heatwave due to problems with their HVAC equipment. Partnerships between HVAC companies and heating oil suppliers can strengthen both businesses’ reputations in the community, as it allows them to provide a comprehensive suite of services in a convenient package.

What Contractors Should Look for in an Oil Company Partner

If you’re a contractor who’s decided to expand their offerings by partnering with an oil company, there are some key things to consider. Of course, you can’t simply select any oil company nearby – you’ll need to find one that will offer the most value and best service to your customers. Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a partner:


  • Service Area – If you serve customers in a specific region, it’s crucial to ensure that the oil company you work with can also serve individuals in that area.
  • Fuel Quality – Your customers deserve the best; therefore, you should only work with a fuel company that provides high-quality oil.
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  • Oil Prices – Heating oil prices can vary based on the supplier. When selecting a company to work with, make sure that their rates are reasonable for your customers. If you offer discount services, but partner with a supplier that has high oil prices, your customers may look elsewhere for their heating needs.
  • Reputation and Experience – Perhaps most importantly, HVAC contractors should partner with an oil company that has a great reputation and years of experience. This gives your customers greater peace of mind, and could even give your own reputation a boost.

HVAC Technicians and Heating Oil Companies Are a Perfect Combination

Heating oil companies that include HVAC installation and repair services in their business plan employ professionally certified, trustworthy technicians that customers can rely on to keep their families safe and comfortable all year long. The skills and knowledge they offer to homeowners is unparalleled and can rarely be found among companies that don’t have established ties to their community. When clients choose a CT heating oil company that can serve all of their heating and cooling needs, including deliveries, repairs, installations, and replacements, they can feel more confident about their safety and comfort.

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