Ultimate Guide to Find The Best Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape

Best Women Wedding Dress

You’re so excited about your wedding day, but worried that you may never find a wedding dress that you like, let alone the one you dream of. While checking pins on Pinterest, you start to wonder if any of these beautiful dresses will suit your body type or not? Today, we will share a few tips on which wedding dress will best suit your body shape.

  1. If you have a luscious pear-shaped body, then consider choosing any hemline, fabric, or neckline that you like. To flaunt your curves, a great choice is either fit and flare or mermaid gown.
  2. Do you “have to wear” a bra? A wedding dresses with sleeves or wider straps is a must. These options will not only hide bra straps, but it will also support your bust. Pick the neckline wisely. Another great option is a gown with an in-built corset or higher back.
  3. The beautiful empire dress with a skirt is considered as the best option for a plus-sized woman. Just make sure that the Empire seam starts below the bust. Choose a fabric like satin to provide structure.
  4. Think ball or A-line gown if you have an Apple shape, you can also choose a voluminous skirt to create more even proportions.
  5. For those of us that have a triangle shape or pear body type, then you can again choose a ballgown or A-line. This will emphasize your bust and small waist. If you want your bust to look a little bigger you should even, consider a style with visual detailing over that area.
  6. For athletic body types, a silhouette such as a fit-and-flare or A-line wedding dress is a great decision. Consider adding a tiered skirt, swirls of embellishments and beading, or unique neckline to add visual interest.
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So, are you ready to go shopping for affordable wedding dresses that suit your Body Shape?

Think about the dresses in your wardrobe, which ones do you just love to wear? This is more often than not a great place to start your research, when deciding on which style of wedding gown is best for you.

Don’t stop there, go, and try on a variety of different bridal gowns. Talk to the bridal consultants and get ideas from them and try on as many as you can.

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