The Benefits of Air Curtains in your Cold Storage Facility

benefits of air curtains

Air curtains are widely used to prevent contamination from moving one space to another. The curtains are widely used at a number of places including cold storage facilities where maintaining contamination is very important. 

These curtains are installed at the doors and windows to stop the passage of air in the area. The curtains are used where the doors are required to stay open for operational purposes. These curtains or doors have a number of features and benefits that makes it a perfect and admirable product. 

Air Curtains in Cold Storage Areas

The air curtains are used to keep the temperature of cold storage areas to optimum, reducing the energy loss and restricting warm air inside the cold storage area. 

Along with maintaining the temperature these transparent curtains are even used to keep insects, flies, fumes and dust away from the place. It creates a forceful turbulence that helps to keep all those things away from the cold storage area. 

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Benefits of Air Curtains in Cold Storage Areas    

Installing an air curtain at cold storage and warehouses is always a better idea. Here are some of the reasons or you may call it the benefits to install an air curtain at those places.

1. Restricts Insects and Flies

The main advantage of an air curtain is that it restricts insects, flies, birds and all the other types of pollutants from entering inside.

It is natural that mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects enter the place but if you make use of the air curtain then you can stop all these creatures from entering inside. 

Therefore to save the food and perishable items using air curtains is necessary. Not only here you can even use an air curtain for home and install it at windows and doors. 

2. Maintains the Room Temperature

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Air curtains are eligible to maintain the room temperature perfectly. It keeps the place cool and limits sunlight and warm air to enter inside.

 It improves the safety reducing the potential of infiltration of all the dirt and dust. These curtains are highly preferred by people who are allergic to air borne diseases. 

You just need to install it at the desired area. It is easy to use, you are required to turn on the switch and turn on the air door with the help of a remote.

3. Effortless Operation

Like other curtains and doors you don’t need to open it or touch it again and again as it provides you an effortless operation. When you are holding something in your hand and need to open the door then it becomes a bit complicated. 

If the transparent air curtain is mounted on the wall then you can simply go inside with a contact less operation. 

So if you are having some packets or heavy box in your hand then you can just go directly towards the department. They remain open allowing vehicles and people unhindered access.  

4. Highly Effective

The air curtains are highly effective and there are a number of air curtain manufacturers in the market. They are available in different ranges of choices from which you can choose the eligible one as per the place where you need to install it. 

Applying them to the freezer room helps to get higher maintenance with a proper room temperature. The curtains work best when the pressure differential between the outside and inside of the area is as neutral as possible. The curtains also differ in weights and volts depending on their size.

5. Suitable for all Climatic Conditions 

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The air doors or air curtains have adjustable features that help you to change the temperature as per the weather and winds outside.

Apart from cold storage when it is installed at other places, it even automatically maintains the temperature by providing cool air in summers and a warm atmosphere in winters. 

So you don’t need to worry about adjusting everything again and again. All these eligible features and characteristics make it a right device to use at most places including cold storage, workplaces and home.   

Other Places to Install Air Curtains

Not only at cold storage areas but the curtains are also placed at other commercial and non-commercial places where they restrict all the dirt and pollutants to enter inside the place. Here are some of them. 

Clinics and Hospitals:

When you visit a clinic or a hospital you might have seen the air curtains there. They are usually mounted above the main door so that the germs, bacteria, fumes and all the viruses remain out of the place. The door is manier times opened and closed in a day therefore keeping prior  precautions is better. 

Restaurants and Hotels:

In restaurants, clubs, hotels and motels too you will see the air curtains that may be mounted at the door or above the windows so that warm air, insects and flies do not enter the place. 

The food remains safe and uncontaminated if those air curtains are used at these places. Choose the right size and install it at the perfect height. 

Airports and Railways:

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The air curtains are widely found in the check in sections and check out sections of airports. Usually these transparent air curtains are used at the place that maintains elegance and simplicity in the area and also keeps the place safe from fumes, dust and other pollutants.

They are also seen at metro stations and railways. 

The air curtain price may vary depending upon the type of curtain that you choose. The air curtain is highly beneficial for workplaces and even home. 

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They are even easier to clean and manage and they don’t require much effort in installation. As they are mounted at the wall you don’t need to worry about the space to install it. 

There are a number of air curtain manufacturers in India providing you a range of curtains from which you need to choose the most eligible one for your place.

They differ in weights, volts, and designs so that you can choose one depending on the approximate area of the room.

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