AIDA method: the trick to make your descriptions on Instagram impressive

I don’t know about you, but it bothers us a lot to see that many brands miss the opportunity to write an interesting description that hooks their followers on Instagram and they decide to write something like “we are the best clothing store in town”. What does it mean that a store is the best? How should a follower and potential customer interpret it? Does this description answer the doubts you have or does it increase them? Although Instagram is a visual network visit our site to buying Instagram followers and likes, the description space plays a fundamental role in the engagement you generate with your followers. If it were not important, the developers of the platform would not have invested time in delimiting a space for you to write.

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The description (or caption, as it is known in English) is the ideal place for you to develop your idea in-depth, make use of storytelling and you can make a great call to action. Are you going to waste this great opportunity with a boring description? We will not allow it.A good description puts your follower in context regarding the image or video you present, allows you to explain your point or objective with that post, gives you the opportunity to speak in the same language as your community, and is the gateway that gives voice and tone to your brand. However, we know that if taking a good photo or video is complicated, writing an engaging text that says what you have to say can be even more so. The trust-generating texts in social networks are written by content writers. The good news is that you don’t need to be William Shakespeare to enchant your fans with your wonderful writing. Nor should you run out to train as a content writer (although if you want to learn to write like the greats, it doesn’t hurt). 

Why is the description of the images on Instagram important?

Although at first glance you might think that the platform that Instagram provides you is only to show your products or services or as a stage to create your personal brand, this social network goes far beyond its visual capabilities. Since it was created in 2010 and for 8 years, Instagram has not done more than innovate and grow, to the point that it already has more than one billion active users. Lots of people, don’t you think? When you decide to bring your brand to this digital world, you are exposing it to thousands and thousands of potential customers. But for those people to become real customers, you have to do things right. For example, you can buy Instagram Followers Canada without a strategy because you would be spending time and money without a defined objective. In addition, to use it to its full potential, you must make use of the tools that the same platform puts at your disposal, such as Instastories, Ads, and IGTV. Not forgetting the shopping features that you can include in your images and stories.

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Like all of these tools, caption space is of the utmost importance for a number of reasons. Let’s see some of them:

1.- Give context: Imagine that you are a goldsmith and you have just released a new line of silver earrings. To present it, you decide to upload photos of the pieces you created. So all day you have done nothing but post one image after another. And in the description, you write: “New collection. For sale by DM ”. There is no further information. You don’t explain why you decided to create a new collection, what you were inspired by, how to combine the pieces, what audience they are aimed at. Nothing. An image alone, however good and striking it may be, says little. You should always give your followers context. Explain to them why you post what you post and why it is important to them.

2.- Your brand has a voice and tone: Brands must be human in order to connect with their audiences on social networks. And being human means being authentic, speaking the same language as your followers, understanding their cultural references, and being original. If you also consider that your brand is going to have a face, either yours or that of your employees, then much better. An image orphan of description will find it difficult to take the step towards humanization. How do you find the right tone and voice for your brand? You get it by knowing your followers in-depth.

3.- It helps you increase engagement: Descriptions, in addition to giving context to your image and voice to your brand, are the ideal place to promote engagement. In the description, you can ask your followers to tell you about their experiences around a certain topic, to share your story with those friends to who something similar happened to, or to send you a direct message if they want more information. Don’t you know how to increase your engagement and are you even afraid of that word? We invite you to read our article Increase your Instagram engagement in four simple steps.

4.- Don’t forget the calls to action: On Instagram, there are only 3 places where you can put a link to an external website: the bio, the stories ( only if you have more than 10,000 followers) e IGTV.

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