Types of Men’s Jewellery

Mens Jewellery

While getting engaged, it is often seen that not only the bride-to-be, but also the bridegroom is expected and is supposed to look ravishing as it is his special day too just as special it is to the bride.

To look one’s best, men too have started to make use of various jewelries and ornamentation and this is breaking all stereotypes. Now a days we can find men’s jewellery in different variations and kinds. Few of the types of Men’s Jewellery are listed below:

Men’s Artificial Jewellery Market 

Though this segment is a small sector as compared to the women’s Jewellery market size, the immense growth which the men’s segment has made in the recent years is impressive and this expansion and caused more men to try out fashion jewellery in every way and kind possible.

Fashion Jewellery manufacturers previously considered only women Jewellery, but the recent acceptance of various accessories for men’s jewellery has gained acceptance and recognition and this has increased the demand for finger rings, earrings which comprises of studs and pins, fashion bracelets, gold plated kada, rings and chains.

Wide range and varieties of men’s Jewellery is offered in the market that includes masculine designs that captures attention effortlessly. Fancy bracelets, studs, rings, cufflinks, and chains are becoming a fashion statement for men too, and Indian men, mostly from the metro cities have already added these to their wardrobes.

Jewellery that are made up of light weight gold and mens gold  signet rings are preferred by them. Neck chains, bracelets, and rugged cuffs are seen in stores; uniquely and ornately styled, along with natural, historical, and socio-cultural references.

Men’s Jewellery:


Men have started adorning mens  bracelets  Jewellery because it gives them a trendy look. Rugged Jewellery made up of heavy designs but which are also easy to carry, such as bracelets that are made up of leather, beads cloth and plastic have been in demand by men of all generations.

Various fashion shows across the world portray how men too can adorn Jewellery in the best way possible. Bracelets found in the Konkan region comprise of those which are made up of leather and cloth.

Beaded bracelets are surprisingly fast selling and are demanded in these areas. Metal bracelets are very popular both in urban and in rural areas.


Indian customs and traditions have allowed men to pierce their ears and thus, Indian men do not shy away from adorning earrings in the general public.

All the way from funky designs to small studs, all are extremely well perceived by the men in these regions.

In the urban areas are more demands for earrings for men than in the rural areas, this may be due to the social stigma and sentiments connected with it.

Lot of changes happening in the attire and the way in which people dress up has caused the demand for such types of Jewellery to rise in these decades.

Pendants and Chains

Pendants and chains, both in contemporary and traditional designs are well demanded by the youth in most regions.

Chains which are made up of steel and are gold plated are in demand by people and are worn for functions or weddings.

Boho designs are also being liked in the urban areas and its demands are reaching soaring heights in many regions.

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Rings, Kadas and Cufflinks

Rings, Kadas and Cufflinks are famous amongst men. Rings and kadas in traditional and contemporary designs are in demand now a day.

Metallic kadas made up of glazed rhodium are beautifully and aesthetically designed. Cufflinks are demanded by people who prefer wearing suits.

Often overlooked by many men due to fear of undesired tackiness, men’s fashion jewellery is often reduced to watches and arm bands that serve merely as only a garnish to the outfits of most men.

However, it is much more than that. Jewellery is to be treated like a side dish, an accessory that completes and complements one’s outfit and style.

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