Things to Consider When Buying A Table Fan

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Apart from air conditioners, table fans are a godsend product for the summers. Not everyone can afford air conditioners for a soothing breeze. Stand fans or table fans are portable, reasonably priced products that circulate air perfectly around a room. Their efficiency is gaining popularity all over the country. Here are some features if you are planning to invest in a table fan or a pedestal fan.

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Blade Speed

There are a number of speed limits of a fan available in the market. This is measured by the Rotation Per Minute or RPM. The faster the RPM, the lesser time it will take to cool. Usually, a fan with 1300 RPM is considered normal, but a table fan with 2100 RPM is considered a high-speed fan. Therefore, a range between 1200 to 2100 RPM is regarded as an ideal speed limit.

Portability and Convenience

One of the main benefits of pedestal fans or table fans is that they are very lightweight. It can be moved around effortlessly from one place to another. It should be very convenient to plug in any outlet and can provide sufficient airflow.


Table fans are used by people who need a quick and inexpensive escape from the terrible summer heat. Table fans are usually made of plastic which is super affordable. Some of the pedestal fans are made of steel, but steel can rust easily.

Low Maintenance

Make sure the fan that you are buying is from a reliable source and has a warranty. Invest in fans that can prevent the motor from heating to extend the life span of your table fan. Ensure that the specifications are correct before buying a fan.

Size of The Fan

Picking the right size of a standing fan is essential as it will also contribute to its air speed. For larger rooms or outdoors, select a fan with a bigger blade size. This will ensure that it covers more area and fill the space with sufficient airflow. Similarly, for smaller rooms, choose a small-scale table fan as the space won’t be needing much ventilation.

Variable Fan Modes

While choosing a floor standing fan, look for the ones that have a number of modes. This will give better control of the room temperature. Superior quality fans have ‘Low,’ ‘Medium,’ and ‘High’ speed settings- making your fan convenient for all seasons.

Amount of Air Delivery

The power of a pedestal fan is usually measured in Cubic Meter Per Minute or CMM. CMM refers to the volume of air the fan pushes out every minute. Although, this factor depends on the space and temperature of the place. But the air pushed out by the fan determines its strength. Some premium quality stand fans can push out almost 3,000 CMM. Depending on your need and budget, this can vary. But a range from 50-150 CMM will suffice for indoors.


Nothing is worse than a noisy fan that disturbs every conversation and peacefulness of your space! Older models create a lot of white noise and can prevent peace. A good quality fan blade will cut white noise regardless of its speed. So before buying a fan, make sure it produces a minimum amount of white noise. Some pedestal fans have silencing technology which can be a terrific option ensuring sleeping or working.

Design and Style

Electronic home appliances should blend well with the interiors of your house. A wide of features and designs are available nowadays that go seamlessly with your house. You can choose a bold colour so that the standing fan becomes a focal point in your room. Find a design and colour that vibes with your house!

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Some Necessary Tips

Maintaining a table fan doesn’t require too much work. Here are some tips to keep your fan from any damages.

  • Over time, fan parts can have dust and debris. Clean your fan regularly to maintain its speed limit.
  • Inspect and replace any damaged cords if needed.
  • If your fan is old, use lubricants to grease the motors.
  • Sometimes the outlets can be broken, investigate and check your circuit.

We hope that these features will help you make an informed decision before buying a table fan. If you are looking for online stores to buy a floor standing fan or a cheap tower fan, check out Keplin. They have a wide variation of options to choose from. Check out their website now!

To clean your fan, unplug it, remove the outer cover (for box fans and other handheld fans), apply a small amount of soap to a damp cloth, and wipe it thoroughly. You can also spray the fan cover with a hose once it’s removed – but not the blades unless you can remove them from the fan as well. You don’t want to damage the fan motor. or hire cleaning expert

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