Packaging Tips to Avoid Product Returns

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E-commerce relies a lot on customer satisfaction. Protective packaging makes for a great first impression and puts you on edge in this cut-throat market.

Your packaging technique, quality of packaging materials shows a lot about your brand and its efforts. With so many businesses in the market, brand loyalty has become very crucial. That’s why inconsistent packaging that creates damage and causes product returns can have an adverse effect on brand loyalty.

Along with this, product returns cause heavy wastage. Products that have dents, scratches, or other flaws will make them impossible to resale. The packaging supplies like double wall cardboard boxes, small bubble wraps, tapes will go to waste. Too many returned products and packaging waste will have a heavy fall in profits.

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Add to this, the cost of processing the returns can be a lot. There are product replacement, or return fees, sorting, logistics, customer support lines, etc. Most e-commerce companies have free shipping and free return policies, which increases the total amount by quite a lot.

Many times, a product can remain in the warehouse for a long time. The tied-up stock can take several months to process or get sold in auctions or sites like eBay. The added stocking of products in warehouses takes extra space. This isn’t a profitable situation for small businesses that generally rent warehouse spaces.

Product returns can highly affect your brand image. According to surveys, around 49% of people share their unboxing experiences on social media platforms. With poor quality packaging materials, the items can be damaged, leading to bad feedback. Trustworthy companies like Packaging Midlands have affordable packaging supplies that suit every brand.

To learn a few tips on packaging to avoid product returns, read the infographic below.

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