How to know your ring size for online purchasing


Buying jewellery online is a very easy option made available by most jewellery stores today. It is convenient and a better choice for many reasons. For starters, one can now shop for jewellery right from the comfort of their homes, at a click of a finger. Secondly, online jewellery catalogues offer a wide varieties of options and designs to choose from. You can compare the prices from different websites very easily as well. All these put together help you make a very informed choice when it comes to jewellery then. Many people buy rings online as well. Initially it wasn’t a very popular trend initially because of size issues, but now those have been sorted in creative ways as well. If you’re also planning to buy rings online, but are worried about finding your size, then read on to understand figuring out the size perfectly.

There are a few ways in which you can know your ring size to order the right ring for you. Every jewellery website has a size chart for rings with measurements given in millimetres. But in order to understand the chart, you will still need to try out a few tricks to get an idea.

  • Use your current ring

This is the easiest way. If you already have a ring that fits you well, then measuring your size is no big deal. The size charts on websites are life-sized so all you have to do is place your ring on the chart and whichever size it fits on, is your ring size. Enter that for your purchase and you’re good to go. As easy as that.

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  • Paper/String measurement

Now what if you don’t have a ring at all. If it’s your first time buying one, for example Hidden halo engagement rings, then the first method is not going to be of any use. So, we have another which is equally simple.

  1. Take a piece of string and wrap it around your finger.
  2. Cut at the point where one end meets the other point of the string as it fits taut on your finger. This is the measurement of your finger.
  3. Now straighten the string and measure it using a tape.
  4. The measurement you get should match one of the many ring sizes on the chart.
  5. You can do the same with a thing strip of paper if you do not have a string around.
  6. Size guide printout

Another way if to take a printout of the size guide given on the website. It will come out as a ruler. Overlap it around your finger. The readymade measurements will give you a correct idea of your size. Order the same size through the size chart then.

It is important to mention here that every country has a different measurement system. So if you are ordering from abroad, then you might have to convert the sizes. There are conversion charts available too. You can also find a universal size, which is one single chart that mentions all possible sizes in different countries. That makes conversion easier. The Hatton garden engagement rings stores are also now online, so you can buy from them as they are trusted and reliable, working since generations.

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