How to choose the best type of muffler with gloves?

muffler with gloves

In the cold season, you can find several options for muffler-like accessories that also serve to warm up and enhance the look, such as shawls, scarves, pashminas and mufflers. But despite being similar, there are differences between the pieces. The muffler is often confused with the muffler, as the rectangular shape and long length are the same as the muffler. However, this garment is made from lighter fabrics such as silk, cotton, voile or chiffon and can be worn over the neck, shoulders and arms. The accessory can also be enhanced with different types of ties and even a brooch to join the ends. Many women wear the muffler at weddings, over the party dress.

The muffler can be made of different fabrics, of natural or synthetic origin. Wool is a natural fiber produced by extracting the hair of sheep. A muffler can be made of wool or made of synthetic materials, which make the product more versatile and lower the price. Cashmere is a fabric that is thinner than silk, breathable and with excellent thermal and water insulation capacity, making it ideal for making warm clothing such as mufflers. The material is taken from the undercoat of goats that live in the Himalayan mountain range in northern India. Each goat produces about 200 grams of cashmere per year and lives an average of seven years, the amount of cashmere harvested is ideal for making just one wool muffler.

Acrylic has properties similar to wool, but is of synthetic origin. This material has advantages such as light weight, resistance to sunlight and low price. However, acrylic is subject to stretch and deform. The piece can also stain if exposed to intense heat (dry the piece in the shade).

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To choose a muffler of the right length, consider your height. The piece must be proportional to its height. When being dressed, the ends of the muffler should not exceed the hip line.

As a true fashion accessory, the muffler wraps your clothes and reflects your character. So, to avoid fashion mistakes, favor the harmony of colors between your clothes and your muffler. With a gray model, dare to use the color blue in your clothes. On the other hand, if the muffler is blue, opt for softness with a modern pink overcoat. For fans of shimmering red, pair your muffler with an electric blue outfit or bright orange for a casual, modern look.

Don’t forget the gloves

Essential on cold days, winter gloves are accessories that need to be included in any tourist’s luggage in winter. Keeping the extremities of the body well warm and protected makes all the difference when facing low temperatures. It’s no use having your whole body warm and your hands cold. Investing in quality parts that really heat up is essential! To ensure warm hands, on colder weather, bet on woolen glove for women, preferably those lined with thermal fabric, such as fleece or wool. In addition to being beautiful and delicate, they really protect from the coldest temperatures, and look super elegant with wool overcoats, or worn at night in more chic programs.

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