Features and Importance of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are very renowned in the packaging industry. These boxes are preferred by every small-scale as well as large- scale companies. Not only do they protect the products, but they are also environment-friendly, cost-efficient, and have aesthetic qualities.

The attractive features of these storage boxes make them remain in high demand throughout the year.

Let’s look at some of the features and importance of cardboard box packaging in the industry.

Why Cardboard Packaging?

Several companies globally have been benefitted from cardboard packaging, as they come in a variety of sizes and qualities. Depending on the composition, cardboard boxes can be single-wall, double-wall, corrugated boxes, etc.

Cardboard corrugated boxes are one of the best packaging materials due to their flexibility and durability.

Some of the Features of Cardboard Packaging Include:

  • It is easily customisable and can be printed with various artworks, logos- creating visual appeal for the customers.
  • It comes in a number of variations depending on the protection level.
  • It is made up of biodegradable materials.
  • The custom packaging with these boxes is very affordable.
  • It can be used for industries where thermal insulation is needed as this packaging keeps moisture away from the products.

Importance of Cardboard Boxes in Packaging

Variation in Materials

Moving boxes are made with a variety of materials like cardstock, paperboard, and corrugated fibreboard. There are three types of custom cardboard boxes- rigid boxes, folding boxes, and corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are extensively used for shipping products worldwide. You have seen folding cartons as packaging for cereals, medicines, soaps, etc. They are super flexible and durable in nature. Rigid boxes are used for high-end products to provide extra support like electronics or mobile phones.

A Rich Historical Importance

Cardboard boxes have played a crucial part in packaging history. The advancement of the packaging industry from wood containers or clothes to cardboard boxes has revolutionised business globally. With these boxes, products could be transported over long distances safely at a much lower cost. Cardboard boxes have also inspired other packing products.

Reducing Carbon Footprint and Transportation Cost

Cardboard is a light material, which means that it doesn’t add weight to the overall packaging, even with heavy products. This makes it convenient for companies to ship many products at one go and reduce fuel costs. By this, you not only save transportation costs but decrease carbon footprints caused by fuel consumption.

Adding Innovation in Packaging

Retail boxes can be printed with logos, product details, artwork, and so on. The boxes which have elements of creativity can easily attract customers. This way, storage boxes can be used for brand awareness. Companies that use custom corrugated cardboard packaging have seen a significant rise in their sales graph.

A Friend of The Environment

For many years plastic packaging took the front seat. But gradually, when consumers became conscious of their choices and environmental hazards, brands with non-recyclable plastic packaging started losing momentum. Cardboard is made up of biodegradable materials which can be reused, recycled, and composted easily.

Let’s Take a Quick Glance into The Industries That Use Cardboard Packaging the Most.


Electronic products are heavy and sensitive items that cannot be shipped in anything other than cardboard boxes. Companies usually opt for customised cardboard packaging to prevent any damages.

Processed Foods

The demand for processed foods has increased so much in the last few years. Therefore, the need for storage boxes has expanded to prevent any health hazards from faulty packaging.


Medicines need to be stored at an optimum temperature and often transported to great distances. Cardboard corrugated boxes are the perfect packaging supplies for medication and other pharmaceutical necessities.

Fruits and Vegetables

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Fruits and vegetables have a high risk of damage. Excess moisture can spoil the items, making them inedible. The industry relies on corrugated cardboard boxes to ensure the freshness of the food.

Consumer Durables

Consumers pay a considerable amount of money on household items, so packaging needs to be on point. These products need cardboard packaging to minimise the risk of damage.

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