Best Camping Destinations In Mumbai

Pawna lake
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If you are looking for some time to spend away from the busy hustle-bustle life that is tiring you to the extent. And you wish you could go camping for the weekends and vacations in Mumbai that holds the few best camping spots for its visitors. These 5 best-camping destinations in Mumbai are sure to excite you to the extent.

Pawna Lake –

If you are thinking about spending some time in the man-made camping site then Pawna Lake is your destination. The Pawna Dam is majorly flocked by a large number of campers and you are going to be a part of them as well. Settled 20 kilometres away from Lonavala, get into your vehicle and drive away towards Pawna Lake Camping zone. The bewitching surroundings of Pawna Lake are going to grab your attention from sunset to sunrise. The mysterious forests around Pawna Lake are sure to dance in glee through your veins. It is a destination for families, lovers out on a romantic camping trip and for friends as well. Make sure you get into no ruckus during your stay. It is an all year camping zone but monsoons are heavy and you won’t get a chance to discover the areas near Pawna Lake. Be careful not to keep your foot in the shallow waters of Pawna Lake. Do carry a barbecue griller with your camping commodities.

Kundalika Rafting Camp –

If you are looking for a getaway from March to June and the monsoons, then Kundalika Rafting Camp in Kolad is your destination. Get into your private transport and drive towards Kolad in Maharashtra. The Kundalika Rafting site is the ideal site for some wild discovery and rafting on the rushing waters of the Kundalika River. Do carry your medical equipment with your camping items. You will be rafting into the two massive dams: The Dholwahal Dam and the Bhira Dam, which are located 12 kilometres away from each other. This camping site is more of a sporting hub and a camping spot together. Not only rafting in the river waters are the only source of enjoyment but the warm welcoming villagers of the nearby village, the greenery and the hills around the region are an eye-catching sight to be at. You can have a reservation for staying up in the farmhouses for a day or two, make it happen; two enticing nights at the Farmhouse. The elation filled camping spot that will be cherished by you for a long time.

Vasind Riverside Camping –

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Hop into your private transport or take a train and travel away towards the Bhatsai Riverside in Mumbai. It is around a seasonal camping spot in Mumbai. The gorgeous scenic beauty of the setting sun at the Vasind Riverside will charm your inner self with delight. Make sure you have your things ready for a delicious barbecue party under the twinkling stars filling up the night sky. Light a bonfire and then sing and dance around it to your heart’s content. Get up early the next morning to liven yourself by the riverside and fishing in the gushing waters. You can go on a short trip near the forests or you can get down in the calming waters of the Vasind River, it will ease your stressed physique. 

Igatpuri Camp –

Get into your transport and fly towards the Igatpuri Camping ground at the Western Ghats are one of the well-furnished camping grounds with many alluring sites to be at likely; the massive Bhavali Dam, the scenic beauty of Tringalwadi, the sacred Temple of Ghatandevi and the appealing Kalsubai Peak. Dive into the arms of nature’s purity in Igatpuri and spend your vacation camping at Igatpuri. Make your soul absorb the richness of the site’s aura and do not forget to boat in the waters of the lake while you submerge into the blissfulness of nature. Carry your cameras or cellphones during the Sunset and Sunrise at Igatpuri along with other camping equipment. You will get comfortable resting ground with the exotic flora and fauna of the area.

Harishchandragad Trek and Camping –

If you are looking for some rain and beauty to mesmerize yourself and some adventurous journey with setting up a camping trip through the hills, then Harishchandragad is the perfect destination for you. Located in the Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra the Harishchandragad Trek and Camping ground will offer you their major attraction; the 4671 ft high cobra-shaped cliff Konkan Kada. There are other major sights such as the sacred Ganesh cave, the enchanting Malshej Falls, the panoramic view of Malshej ghat, the divine Temple of Harishchandreshwar and the unique Harishchandra Fort. Make sure to carry a few warm clothes, a trekking stick, wear your trekking shoes and pack your flip flops, torch and batteries, water bottles and food to devour on your camping ground and you ought to carry a first aid medical kit with you. 

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