4 Best Indian Markets for Pre Wedding Shopping You Must Know

pre wedding shopping

We all, especially women, love to shop. Then why would they not be more than excited to do the pre wedding shopping? It is an indulgence for most of us and surprisingly helpful too. It is obviously the best time and charming errands in the midst of the whole pre-wedding craze. Right from purchasing your wedding outfits and adornments to other minuscule yet critical components like Kaleeras, Chura, gifting favors, linen—an unending shopping binge awaits when you are the bride- to-be! Surely, to shop, Delhi is where you need to shop from, no matter where you live. Home to a ton of energetic neighborhood markets offering a wide cluster of wedding-related stuff, Delhi is undeniably the best place for your whole and pre wedding shopping. Each market has its unique USP but you might not be aware as to which market would be the best and hence we are here to help. Read this blog and we assure that it will make your shopping merrier.

1. Chawri Bazaar

To figure everything out, head no place else except for directly to the restricted paths of Chawri Bazaar, which shockingly contain in excess of 500 shops. With positively no lack of assortment, the small but worthwhile shops in this Old Delhi market are a secret stash of wedding solicitations. From moderate to the excessive and eccentric wedding greeting cards, you can discover everything here as per your spending plan. Likewise, don’t look for purchasing those extravagant and special shagun envelopes from anywhere else. 

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2. Lajpat Nagar

Going for pre wedding shopping to this lively business sector of South Delhi should be on each lady’s rundown. Whether it is wedding outfits, accessories, design, material, adornments, chooda, kaleeras, or footwear-  you will discover every single sort of wedding dress up purchase you want to make, here. The best part is that the shops are affordable and accessible. 

3. Karol Bagh

This  famous market is considered as the world renowned hub of wedding shopping. Head to Ajmal Khan Road to check out some amazing pre wedding shopping stores.  Bank Street is the place for heaps of flawless pieces, easy to fit each financial plan. Very much like Lajpat Nagar market, this market is also a package deal.

4. GK – Greater Kailash

The luxurious market that GK is, has a ton of luxurious stores, best for pre wedding shopping and even post wedding shopping. The market has a lot of sarees and lehengas for your wedding and subtle, unpretentious suits as well for the days after wedding. The outlets in the M and N block market are the best, don’t forget to check them out.

Quick tip before we wrap up the blog is to visit these markets and do the shopping from here. However, if you are someone who cannot visit Delhi to do the pre wedding shopping because you are too occupied or live abroad, you should think about hiring a wedding services provider. They can do this shopping task on your behalf perfectly.

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