Water Leak Detection Systems and Its Importance

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Technological advancements have allowed water leak detection to be done with ease. We are now able to locate the leak in a very short amount of time. It makes controlling these accidents possible without the situation getting worse.


Water leaks cause huge amounts of damage to property. It takes a lot of money and effort to fix its damages. In the US alone, water leaks have caused over a billion dollars worth of damage.


A burst hot water tank, pinhole leaks in copper piping, an under-sink faucet leak or a frozen pipe can all culminate in destroyed insulation, ruined plumbing, and sagging ceilings. These are some of the huge damages it can cause. Hence, it is very important that construction companies or owners install water leak detection Broward County systems.

Insurance and Costs

Getting insurance for water leaks is very expensive. In the US, it is estimated at around $10,098. It costs huge amounts of loss with damaged pipes and water loss. Installing a system costs between $550 – $2300 dollars. There are installation costs as well as labor costs involved.

Why They Are Installed

A water leak detection system is installed in order to detect any irregularities in the flow of water in the property. As soon as it detects a leak, it shuts off the water supply in the building. This acts as an alert and the people in the building know that there has been a leak. It gives the owners peace-of-mind.

Technological Advancements

These water leak Detection systems can be connected to your device i.e, your smartphone. You need to install an app and with it, you can control all its features and functions and customize it to your needs. Most systems connect through wi-fi so it allows the user to keep updated with it in real-time.

Side Effects

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Water leaks lead to loads of other problems as well. Mold is one of them. With surfaces damp with water, it allows the perfect environment for fungus and mold to grow. This can lead to dangerous health risks. It causes allergic reactions and eye and skin irritation. Young children and the elderly are most at risk with prolonged mold exposure.


Water leaks usually happen because of water hammer, extreme pressures, corrosion, or aging plumbing. A sudden surge of water due to changes in direction can lead to leaks and damages. When we use the taps in the kitchen or washroom, we open it and water rushes out and when we close it, there is a sudden stop in the flow. This change in momentum can lead to hydraulic shock. Water hammering can slowly deteriorate the pipes in the property.


Prevention is better than cure in most cases including water leaks. Homeowners and businesses must try their best to prevent these disasters from occurring since water leaks are very preventable. It is definitely worth the cost to install water leaks detection Broward County systems.

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