Top 13 Suggestions To Follow For Wholesale Sod Irrigation

Top 13 Suggestions To Follow For Wholesale Sod Irrigation
Wholesale Sod

Many people misunderstand the term less maintenance of the Wholesale Sod as they think that the sod needs no maintenance at all. But this is not true weekly maintenance and especially of watering the sod.

Top 13 Irrigation Suggestions For Wholesale Sod

If you are having issues with your watering the sod grass then you might be doing things the wrong way. Below are a few suggestions by experts that can help you with the proper irrigation of the laid sod.

Know Which Irrigation Technique Will Suit

First of all, you have to know which irrigation system is the best for your lawn. This has to be noted because each lawn and area is different. So the irrigation is different.

Watering Through A Hose

If the lawn is of a smaller size then a water hose can be used. A nozzle can be attached so that more areas of the lawn can be covered. Also, a watering can is recommended for areas where the water hose can’t reach.

Drip Irrigation Technique

A normal hose is punctured with tiny holes and it is spread all across the lawn. When water passes through the hose; it reaches the roots of Wholesale Sod directly.

Sprinklers For maximum Coverage

The most hassle-free irrigation system is sprinklers. This is the most effective system for lawns that are scattered on vast areas. Also, they can be installed in areas that are not easily reachable.

Underground Water System

This watering system is expensive to set up because the pipes are installed under the ground. In this system, the water reaches the roots directly. The sod grass has to be installed by considering this system.

Rain Water For Irrigation

Rainwater is also a great source of watering. This is can be made effective in the areas where rain is more frequent. The water catchment area should be closer to the lawn.

Water Applying On Installation Day

The wholesale sod dealers like Atlanta Sod Farms recommend that the grass has to be watered immediately so that sod is installed properly and the growth is excellent. 4 inches of water should be given daily till the grass is fully established.

The Next Weeks To Come

In the next few weeks, you can reduce the quantity to half. This whole process is repeated until the roots grip firmly on the soil.

Irrigation Throughout The Year

When you notice that the sod has gripped firmly to the ground then; water the sod weekly or after every 10 days as per the demand of the sod type.

Water Access To The Entire Lawn

The whole lawn should be irrigated equally meaning that no area of the lawn should be left untouched by the water.

Always Apply The Recommended Quantity

Each sod type has its requirement of water. 2 to 3 inches of water has to be given weekly. Exceeding this quantity can be dangerous.

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There is a logic for giving more water on the slopes which is water can run down and less water reaches the roots.

Watch For The Right Time

The best time for watering is either in the morning or evening. The rest of the day is hot so water can evaporate easily.

Moisture Level Should Be Checked

It is important to keep a constant check of the moisture level of Wholesale Sod. Less level of moisture means a higher quantity of water should be given.

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