Artificial Grass: The Green Alternative

artificial grass

When considering the addition of a new lawn, one of the biggest decisions to make is whether to choose natural or artificial grass. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Since synthetic grass is typically designed for outdoor use on playing fields, golf greens, and other similar areas, it’s perfectly suited for location on nutrient void or sandy soil. However, keep in mind that extensive preparation is required to properly install fake grass in sandy soil. It’s also important to pay careful attention to the type of surface you have before laying down the fake grass.

Why choose artificial turf?

Many professional sports teams, both domestic and international, have made the switch from natural to synthetic turf. Why?

Ability to withstand every season

One major advantage of artificial turf is its ability to withstand high temperatures. If your prospective stadium is located in a region with extreme heat, artificial turf will work well for you. On the other hand, if your team is scheduled to play out of town during the winter season, the cold climate in your home stadium may be too much for the grass to handle. For this very reason, many professional baseball and football teams have switched to synthetic grass.

Prevention of Damage

Another benefit of installing artificial grass Dubai in your stadium is the prevention of damage to the natural grass. With stadiums being built with real grass, there’s no need to worry about the damage that a hit or roll can do to the natural surface. Synthetic turf has the same traction and durability as natural grass, but its texture is far more uniform. This uniformity prevents damage from occurring and keeps the playing surface looking good year after year.

Low Maintenance

Furthermore, artificial grass surfaces provide an affordable alternative to the maintenance and upkeep that natural grass fields require. Artificial grass requires very little in the way of maintenance except for a light application of fertilizer on a regular basis. Unlike natural grass, it does not need mowing and weeding. You will not need to hire groundskeepers to maintain your artificial surface because it is virtually maintenance-free!

Saving Money

In addition to saving you money, fake surfaces also make sporting events much more fun to watch. Imagine setting up a tennis court in the middle of a football field. Not only will it add drama to your game, but you’ll be able to watch the game from the luxury of your own home. If you’re planning a big event like a football game or basketball matchup, having an artificial grass field would definitely enhance the atmosphere. Just imagine how cool it would be to see your favorite sports stars tee off on your customized tennis courts!

Easy to install

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The best thing about synthetic grass and tennis courts is that they are easy to install. No matter what size your venue is, most are designed to be easily installed on your property. They are also available in many different pitches and sizes, so you can find one that’s just right for you. Moreover, infill systems don’t have to be cut up into pieces to fit each piece onto your property–infill systems can actually be cut to fit the dimensions of the space you want them to be installed in.

Don’t need water or fertilize

Another advantage of installing infill surfaces is that they require virtually no upkeep. Unlike natural grass, you don’t have to water, weed, mow, or fertilize. That’s right – there’s no need to even worry about these types of outdoor surfaces! The only thing you need to do is apply an organic, non-toxic liquid fertilizer after each playing season to ensure that they stay lush and green. In addition, since synthetic fibers and infill are waterproof, they can even be used as car mats to protect your vehicle from rainwater.


Finally, Dubai Artificial grass systems provide an eco-friendly option to conventional grass. By using artificial fibers and infill systems, you are helping the environment by cutting down on the amount of grass needed to satisfy the demand for recreation. Now more than ever, people are realizing the importance of going “green.” If you’re ready to take your business and your lawn to the next level, contact a reliable provider to learn more about the many benefits of synthetic turf systems.

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