What are the different airflow patterns between ductless and laminar flow hoods?

What are differences between horizontal and vertical laminar flow hoods

A fume hood and a laminar flow hood are essential lab safety equipment that helps to control and reduce the exposure of lab workers to toxic fumes and contaminated air. These fume hoods can help maintain the safety protocol of a working lab and ensure that the working environment is free from harmful particulate matter. These systems provide turbulent airflow that can provide clean and breathable air to the workers while removing toxic air. A laminar flow hood will ensure that air flows in parallel streamlines. Additionally, it will also prevent the cross-contamination of toxic air with the purified air. In this article, you will learn more about these systems.

What are Fume hoods?

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The fume hoods (both ductless and laminar flow hoods) get used in labs where you use materials that can generate harmful vapors, airborne particles, fumes, and particulate matters like silica powder, carcinogens like benzene, and so on. Thus, these systems can ensure that the lab area is safe from such harmful substances.

How does the fume hood operate?

The contaminated air will be constantly drawn inside through an opening on the hood’s front face where the worker will be present and it will go out through an exhaust. This constant inflowing of the air towards the hood’s opening face can prevent all types of hazardous vapors and particles from escaping through the hood and thus, assure the safety of the workers. The velocity of the air that flows in will also be quite high and this will make the hood more effective. If there is low velocity then you may find particulate matter escaping the hood and veering off towards the users. You will also be able to adjust the windows of the opening face to ensure that contaminated air is drawn in from the source. These flow hood systems have special alarm systems that can notify the lab workers if the air velocity becomes too low.

Uses of the flow hood system

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The laminar flow hood system is quite effective when you have a requirement of providing a clean environment where there is no particulate matter that is also devoid of any biological contaminants. Hence, if you are working in an area in which there are semiconductor wafers or tissue cultures then you may consider installing them. These systems can ensure that you get no cross-contamination in the air of your lab too.

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Specialized HEPA filters will clean the air and then blow it all across your lab and the lab workers. You would be able to achieve a constant flow of clean and breathable air that can allow you to maintain an uncontaminated workspace.

A horizontal flow hood will mainly blow out clean air from the back end in a horizontal direction towards your lab operators. Compared to these systems, the vertical flow hood will blow out clean air from under the ceiling of the system towards the direction of the working space and will allow the air to hit the base and then flow towards the workers.

You can get both the ductless and the laminar flow hood systems from lab suppliers. Although both online and offline retailers sell the product, an online supplier can offer you better discounts and deals. You can consider buying Horizontal Flow Wall Modules in case you work in a small lab. However, remember to buy genuine equipment from your supplier and hence, always check their credentials first before making any purchase.


It is vital that you maintain proper safety standards inside your lab so that your workers are safe and can conduct their experiments without fear. Ductless flow hoods and laminar wall modules are crucial in this regard as these systems help in purifying the air inside your lab’s working environment. Both these systems are vital elements of a modern lab and can ensure complete safety for everyone. These systems help to maintain proper hygiene in your lab and stop all types of contamination. You can get these systems easily from both online and offline lab equipment suppliers . Remember, certain states can take away the license of your lab if you do not use these systems.

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