7 Top Features Of AdvancedMD EHR Software

AdvancedMD EHR software has revolutionized the healthcare setup. AdvancedMD is known for providing an extensive set of tools and features to help you maximize your clinical efficiency. The EMR system and Practice Management system are also integrated with AdvancedMD to help you organize your workflow. 

AdvancedMD EHR offers flexible pricing that supports all practice sizes. The cloud-based interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The Advanced EHR demo also provides an in-depth view of all the features provided.

Key Features of AdvancedMD EHR software

AdvancedMD EHR Software offers features that can help you transform your clinical practice. Some of the key features include

Real-time Dashboard

The Advanced EHR dashboard gives you an overview of your clinical and administrative data. The ‘donut filters’ help you prioritize your specific tasks by allowing you to customize the information you want to see first. You can get further information by clicking the donut filter related to it. For example, you can view your inbox by clicking the donut filter associated with the messaging feature. 

The AdvancedMD dashboard presents data about charge slips, prescriptions, clinical notes, images, lab test results, and more. Altogether, the Advanced EHR dashboard provides an extensive environment to help you manage patient data.

Clinical Notes

Templates are beneficial in healthcare setups where work is repetitive and time-consuming. AdvancedMD offers you to create templates specific to the appointment type. You can also make the templates according to your personal preferences. 

You can add templates through text or hotkeys. AdvancedMD also offers handwriting and voice recognition tools to help you customize templates. You can tie the specific templates with appointment types and easily access them later when a patient with a particular appointment comes.

Advanced EHR allows a quick-view of patient cards that include the medications, diagnosis, and overall healthcare summary. The patient card also provides educational material that you can share with the patient through the patient portal.

Medical Billing Solution

Medical billing is a time-consuming and challenging task that Advanced EHR efficiently covers up for you. The AdvancedMD medical billing feature provides one of the most flexible ways to manage your financial tasks. 

The billing module offers powerful revenue cycle management tools. AdvancedMD integrates with clearinghouses, and the fee includes in the subscription price of the software. The charges are automatically transferred to the billing module once you sign the clinical notes on the EMR. Advanced EHR also helps you get quick payments of outstanding balances by integrating with credit card processors.

AdvancedMD also offers customized medical billing reports that help you improve your practice’s financial performance. Overall, AdvancedMD medical billing is an excellent feature for your healthcare practice that comes with a low upfront cost.

Patient Portal

AdvancedMD EHR Software offers a patient portal that allows your patients to feel more connected. They can access their medical records, clinical summaries, lab test results and pay bills through the patient portal.

The patients can also access the patient portal to attend e-visits, ask for prescription renewal, and schedule appointments. With the help of the patient portal, the patients can reach out to their healthcare provider with a few clicks. 

Overall, the patient portal is a safe and secure way of communication between you and your patient. 


e-Prescription provides several benefits to healthcare practices that are looking for ways to enhance clinical efficiency. AdvancedMD provides e-Prescription software that is a fast and reliable means of prescribing medications to patients. 

Paper prescriptions allow more possibilities of errors, whereas e-Prescription ensures that the pharmacy receives accurate information. The e-Prescription feature timely notifies about any allergies or drug interactions. Advanced EHR also integrates with Surescripts that enables you to view patient insurance and review their past medications.

Appointment Scheduling

The AdvancedMD EMR appointment scheduling feature allows you to register a new patient or select an existing one with a single click. This feature allows you to view your appointments at each location if you have multiple setups.

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This feature also reminds patients and healthcare providers about their upcoming appointments through text messages, phone or emails. You can view all your appointments in the AdvancedMD calendar that gives a quick overview of the patient history. 


Telehealth allows you to connect with patients regardless of geography. It is a user-friendly feature for everyone during times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients can schedule a virtual appointment through the patient portal. Telehealth allows you to communicate with the patients through video conferences and provide quality care to them.

Final Thoughts About AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD EHR and Practice Management system helps you manage your clinical and administrative tasks successfully. The various features allow you to enhance your clinical efficiency. You can also get an AdvancedMD demo to analyze the features to be suitable for your practice. 

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