Common Gambling Myths and Why You Should Not Believe Them

For many years, the gambling industry continuously thrives and is known to be one of the most popular activities for people worldwide. Unfortunately, though gambling has been long introduced to people, the misinformation and misconceptions about the activity are staggering.

It makes no difference whether, for seasoned gamblers or those who recently started their gambling venture, it is never too late to correct people’s wrong assumptions about gambling. Believing in such falsehoods can have many consequences.

In truth, gambling is a source of entertainment and provides a profitable experience should people learn to be more practical and rational. Hence, it is essential to know the truth about various misconceptions for a wholesome experience.

Below are some common gambling myths that you should not believe.

Gambling is addictive

In truth, gambling is one of the best sources of entertainment. Hence, it is understandable if people were to argue about it being addictive. Over the years, there have been countless cases of problem gamblers who went into debt and rehabilitation due to their gambling behavior. However, participating in gambling activities does not mean that you will automatically be addicted. Not everyone ends up in restoration and sees gambling in a negative light.

Keep in mind that gambling is only addictive should gamblers fail to control their gambling urges and manage their bankroll well. Like alcohol, that is supposed to be addictive, yet not everyone has drinking problems. The same goes true for gambling, as it is only addictive for people without discipline and control.

Past results affect future results

Perhaps the most common myth about gambling is called the gambler’s fallacy, also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy. It is a mistaken belief that if a particular event frequently occurred than usual, it will less likely happen in the future or vice versa. For example, mistakenly assuming that if a coin is tossed and landed on tails several times, it will probably land on tails next.

It is essential to remember that there is no link between what happened and what will transpire the next. Otherwise, you could be making the mistake of employing a strategy that can cost you significant amounts in the long run. On the other hand, understanding it is crucial in correcting people’s thinking and will likely be beneficial in other areas of life.

Casino games are rigged

Sure, losses can cause significant disappointment and cause negative emotions to gamblers. It is also common to think that casino games are rigged should a gambler continues to suffer loss. Others who have not tried out gambling might also believe the same. The statement can only be true should a gambler play at an unlicensed and unfamiliar casino, whether physical or over the internet. Therefore, it is imperative to only play at licensed and trusted casino venues.

When playing at online casinos, they typically use random number generators to ensure that the screen statistically mirrors what happens in real life. Such computer algorithms can ensure that every spin, card dealt, roll of the dice, and more is fair and random.

Gambling is all about chances

The statement is not entirely wrong but not quite correct either. Luck plays a role in gambling: however, not necessarily the way most people think. Some even believe hitting it big would mean their destiny is already written and around the corner waiting to happen. However, it is essential to understand that gambling involves numerals, dices, slots, and many more games, all part of mathematics probability. Winning does not solely depend on how lucky a gambler is, as it also depends on choosing a decision with the highest expected value—in short, playing with a basic strategy. 

Counting cards is illegal

Many believe card counting is illegal as casinos are okay with this myth as they want to have a higher edge over gamblers. In truth, some take countermeasures like shuffling the deck on every hand or ban those who are good at playing the game. Asking if it is allowed or not would depend on the casino players would like to play at, and some allow players to utilize any strategy as they see fit so long as they do not interfere with the gameplay.

You can win your money back if you keep gambling

This myth is one of the most dangerous ways of thinking for gamblers. Perhaps you have heard and read about chasing losses in every article about gambling you come across, and it is for a good reason that there is information available for gamblers to know about. It can prevent speculators from going broke should they gamble for real money. Should gamblers start to chase losses, they will likely suffer significant debts, affecting their living.

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Remember that casinos can stay in business because most people do not win their money back. Should a company pay more money than it takes in, it will undoubtedly result in immediate closure.

Online gambling is prohibited by law

This myth is only true depending on the country and state you are in or places on the internet where online gambling is outlawed. Today, online gambling is not a new concept for many as even some governments formally licenses and regulates the industry for players to avoid playing on fraudulent sites. If you want to gamble online, it is essential to choose an online site or bookmaker trusted and licensed, which can provide peace of mind knowing the games are fair, and should you win, payment is immediate.


There is no reason to believe such misconceptions and commonly heard myths relating to people’s superstitions and ignorance about gambling as it can ruin the whole experience gambling can offer. It is essential to promote sensible gambling using a straightforward and intelligent approach to the games to increase winning chances. Educate yourself about how the art of gambling works, and you will likely bag a win.

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