An ideal guide for buying your first pocket bike

During the past couple of decades, pocket bikes have evolved a lot and now they have become a new normal in the market. Nowadays, the market for pocket bikes has become so big that in addition to different types of pocket bikes like dirt bikes and super pocket bikes, there are pocket bikes specially designed for kids. 

The best part about the popularity of pocket bikes is it’s not restricted to people of a specific age. Every age group is enjoying the style and uniqueness of pocket bikes and this is what has made pocket bikes ubiquitous. 

When Doodle Bug scooters first came into the market, no one would have imagined this simple innovation in the market would transform into something like pocket bikes and become so popular. But with so many options comes great responsibility. The responsibility of choosing the right pocket bike. 

If you are new to the world of pocket bikes then choosing the right pocket bike might become tricky for you. So, here is the list of things to look for while buying your first 40cc pocket bike. 

Gas or electric 

The first thing to look for while buying a pocket bike is whether you want an electric pocket bike or a gas pocket bike. Both the electric pocket bike and gas pocket bike have their own pros and cons and therefore, it all comes down to your personal preference. 

For example, if you like speed, power and if you are ready to spend money on fuel then you should definitely buy gas-powered pocket bikes since they run on fuel and are more powerful than electric pocket bikes. But if you want to save money on fuel, keep the environment safe, and don’t want to make your ride noisy then an electric pocket bike is the best option. 

Engine power 

You should never skip considering the engine power while choosing a pocket bike, even if you are buying a pocket bike for the first time. Since the pocket bike market has widened in the last couple of decades, there are now different pocket bikes with different engine strengths. 

The way you are going to use the pocket bike and the speed you are expecting will have a great impact on the type of engine strength you should prefer. For example, you can go for a subtle 40cc pocket bike or if you are a speed and power fiend then you can also go for 150cc pocket bikes. 


Never forget about the price of the pocket bike you are planning to buy. It is always suggested to have a proper budget before even beginning your hunt for the best pocket bike in the market. This will keep you away from scouring all the pocket bikes on the internet, even those that are out of budget. 

Have a realistic budget for the type of pocket bike you are planning to buy and then on the basis of that budget, you can zero down all the available options. This will surely make your life easier. 

Offline or online 

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You have both the options of buying pocket bikes online and offline.  But since we are living in a technologically advanced era, you should not shy away from using the internet. By choosing the offline mode, you have to travel to the shop, buy the pocket bikes at MRP and even go through the hassle of bringing back the pocket bike to your home. 

But you can skip all this hassle by simply choosing the online platform. By shopping online for pocket bikes, you can get the pocket bike delivered to your doorstep, buy pocket bikes at discounted prices and even browse through a long list of pocket bikes. 


You should always pay attention to the design of the 40cc pocket bike before making the final decision since it is the design of the pocket along with its size that makes it look unique and stylish. Nowadays, there are various kinds of designs available in the market but not all of them will suit your personality. 

This is why it is suggested to go through all the designs of pocket bikes available on the internet and then choose the best one according to your personal preference and style. From Ghost Crusier to a simple cruiser chopper, there are many options on the online platform. You just need to find the right platform for buying the right design of the pocket bike. 
Choosing the right pocket bike from so many options might look like a daunting task but by researching some facts about pocket bikes and making a list of things you are expecting from the pocket bike, you can make choosing the best pocket bike a lot easier and a lot economical as well. Visit Belmonte Bikes to view your different options now!

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