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Most of us are using Android 10. Yet, it does not matter which version of Android your phone works on; many have a dream of having a snappy phone. Even though many Android phones do not need maintenance.

But you cannot deny that there is no harm in touching up your smartphone with Best Optimizer and Booster. Every so often to improve your phone’s performance and upgrade battery life.

It is often cleaning up your phone to remove unwanted junk files and duplicates. This can help the holder optimize the device’s devices for a longer period.

Believe me or not, most people in this world only use a cleaner if their device stops responding. Or something out of the blue has happened to their phone. Moreover, if you do not clean up your phone, then there could be serious issues. Like your smartphone can be affected with malware and bombard with many ads.

There are many Android Booster Apps on Google Play Store, which helps to increase the:

  • Speed.
  • Response time. 

So without further ado, best ghostwriting services have gathered some of the best apps that you will need for your smartphone.

Top SmartPhone Speed Up App:

Smart Phone Cleaner:

This app is the one-stop solution for your smartphone as this app:

  • Cleans.
  • Organizes.
  • Reduces battery consumptions. 

One of its features is convenient, which is the One Tap Booster. This feature boost and enhance your device performance without any hassle.

Besides this, SmartPhone Cleaner’s next best feature is duplicate file cleaner. This features scans the entire device for any traces of duplicate files. It lets you information about that file. You can delete that file with one click.

Moreover, this feature comes with a “Game Booster” to keep your device games from crashing or lagging. This is one of the best optimization apps as it meets all the optimization and cleaning needs.


CCleaner helps the user eradicate any junk file and any other residual data from the device. Those files hamper the device’s performance. Moreover, fiction ghostwriter mentioned that, some items can be cleaned in one go, such as:

  • Clipboard Items.
  • Cache.
  • Downloads.
  • History.
  • Saved SMS.

Besides this, the tool also helps to uninstall apps without any hassle. Those apps are also included, which are native apps that cause the system to lag. This is one of the best apps that you can download for your device.

One Booster:

As the name itself defines the properties of the tool, One Booster is a great app that helps the user enhance their Android performance regarding smooth functioning. It has some of the features that help to keep your device in top condition as:

  • Dedicated cache cleaner.
  • Junk Cleaner.
  • CPU Cooler.
  • Battery Saver.
  • Virus Remover.

Besides this, Android Optimizer has a free-up RAM feature and through. Which the feature runs a speed test to compare the speed of the device before and after. One Booster has a simple but intuitive interface, which makes it super easy to:

  • Clean Caches.
  • Junk Files.
  • Other Hidden Residuals.

This interface allows the user to enjoy their device speed at the topmost.

Norton Clean, Junk Removal:

This Android optimizer and cleaner, designed and built by well-known security solution Norton. It helps users reclaim storage by removing:

  • Garbage.
  • Residues.
  • Other clutter.

Norton Clean, Rubbish Removal provides powerful skills for removing:

  • Obsolete apk files.
  • Sweeping junk.
  • Caches.
  • Logs.
  • Undesired history with no effort.

It also includes a Memory Optimizer that assists users in identifying and cleaning temp files to improve efficiency. It also includes options for removing bloatware and unnecessary background apps.span style=”font-weight: 400;”>

Droid Optimizer:

This isn’t a Star Wars reference, but rather a basic but effective tool for fast resolving most performance and storage issues on your Android phone or device. This program:

  • Cleans garbage.
  • Optimizes power use.
  • Clears Ram.
  • Recovers storage with a single swipe.

Not only that, but Droid Optimizer examines your smartphone for any signs of your privacy that you may delete. This prevents hackers or other potential risks from accessing your sensitive data.

All-In-One Toolbox:

There is such a thing as overkill for technology, and the same can be said for All-In-One Toolbox for Android. It can:

  • Remove junk.
  • Boost RAM.
  • Cooldown the CPU.
  • Batch app installer/uninstaller.
  • Backup tool.
  • Boot speedup.
  • Lock apps.
  • Improve gaming performance.
  • Detect apps with too much advertising.
  • Assist with notification management.

Aside from these features, you also get more features that make this app one of the best. Features like:

  • Swipe control gestures.
  • Volume settings.
  • A code scanner.
  • A flashlight.
  • A command pass.

DU Speed Booster:

DU Speed Enhancer, another well-known speed booster tool for Android users, performs a range of purposes. It frees up RAM on your phone by cleaning up any background program activity. It can also scan your phone for junk and erase it with a single click.

Not only should you optimize your Android, but you should also safeguard it from viruses and malware with real-time protection against these dangers. Aside from that, DU Speed Booster improves the power of your phone network, resolving a variety of concerns associated with a weak internet connection.

Smart Kit 360:

Smart Kit 360 is a complete toolkit that helps you save a lot of disc space and time sifting through meaningless files that eat up many resources, as the name implies. Smart Kit 360 is an all-in-one Android optimizer and a separate app with functions such as:

  • Compass.
  • Translator.
  • Ringtone maker.

The Android booster boosts your device’s speed and includes features like:

  • A heart rate monitor.
  • A multilingual dictionary.
  • A map.
  • An exercise timer.
  • A magnifier.
  • A mirror.

AVG Cleaner:

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One of the most popular Android Optimizer Solutions is AVG Cleaner, used by more than 50 million users worldwide. After each scan, the Android Booster app uses powerful algorithms to make your device function quicker and smoother than ever before. Other utilities like:

  • Remove Pre-Installed Apps Junk Cleaner.
  • Cache Cleaner Improves Battery Hibernate Apps System Info File Manager.

AVG Cleaner also has a one-click maintenance feature that scans and analyses your device with a single tap. 

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