Know Each and Everything About Beer in Spain

Know Each and Everything About Beer in Spain

Although Spain’s wine industry is quite impressive, Spaniards drink beer to quench their thirst on hot summer days. Being a beer-loving nation, Spain has employed around the second-largest number of people in their different beer industries in Europe.

Besides many craft breweries in Spain, the country even houses an amazing beer spa for beer lovers. However, if you’re new to Spain and don’t know about where to get beer in this country and what to expect in a Spanish bar, you’re on the right page.

This article has compiled information about all the essential things that you must know about beer in Spain.

Things to Expect in a Spanish Bar

Many bars in Spain offer one beer on tap. Typically, they may have a standard lager and non-alcoholic beer. However, some barks may offer dark or pale lager. Beer is usually sold in small glasses in this country. 

Since Spanish people like their beer cold, you may be catered beer in a glass from a freezer. So, it would help if you were prepared for having chilled beer when you land at a Spanish bar for the first time. However, you’ll get excellent varieties of beers in Spanish bars for sure. This means there are plenty of brew options to explore if you want to try something different.

 Types of beer in Spain

One of the fantastic Spanish beer facts is that there are various types of beers available in Spain. Any variation in beer production results in hundreds of distinct flavours. For instance, they can be available in different colours like black, brown, yellow and more. They can even be categorised as per their fermentation technique, usually of two types – high and low.

 A lager is a low-fermented beer available from lighter to a golden hue and black and toasted versions. The most common beer in Spain is the Lager Pilsen, fermented somewhere between 0 to 4 degrees. These pale beers come with light, refreshing and smooth notes. According to their origin, there are various Pilsner/Pils or Munich, Vienna or Pilsen types. Some other options are smoked beers, black beers, rye beers, seasonal beers, steam beers, Bock beers and more.

 The high fermentation beers are brewed, with temperatures reaching around 24º. The Ale can be classified as per its production characteristics or production. The Porter is a toasted, light and black beer. On the other hand, the Stout is a black, creamy and bitter beer variety.

 Some spontaneously fermented beers available in the market are made from wild yeast strains divided into Faro, Lambic and Gueuze versions. Furthermore, the increasing demand for craft beers in Spain has also led to beer lovers’ vast beer possibilities.

Beer Sizes in Spain

Here are some commonly available beer sizes in Spain:

  • Caña: It is the smallest beer size that any Spanish bar would sell. It could be served in a wine glass or a brandy glass, or any other tiny container. This size is smaller than a half-pint glass. 
  • Tubo: It is a tall thin beer glass, which is around 10oz.
  • Botella de Cerveza: This beer size consists of a 10oz beer bottle.
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  • Botelín de Cerveza: It is a smaller 6oz beer bottle. However, it is not available in all Spanish bars.
  • Jarra or Tanque: It is the giant beer glass, which is usually about a pint-size. A “Jarra” might refer to a jug served with glasses. It is also not available in all the bars.

According to Castle Malting TV, beer in Spain is an art – how to order it, drink it, its name as per its origin city/town, its history and its characteristics. If you know all these secrets, you can order the best beer in any Spanish bar with ease. After reading the given information, we hope that you can quickly figure out the right beer type and sizes available in Spanish bars and how to order them.

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