Cashew Nuts- Origin, Nutritional Content and Benefits

Cashew Nuts

The Health benefits of natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and dry fruits are wide. They not only help you gain energy but also tend to fulfill nutritional value in your body. Cashew nuts are one such kind of dry fruit that happens to be immensely nourishing and wholesome. Not many people are aware that it has much more than just fats in it and this creates a lack of awareness among the crowd. While on the other hand, the nuts in general among health-conscious people have only grown over the years. Dry fruit producers today make sure they add these nuts to their list without any fail.

But why is it? And what makes these nuts so valuable? Lastly, where can you find the best quality W180, W240, and W320 nuts? We bring you all of it below.

Origin and common names

Whenever someone, especially an Indian, thinks of these particular nuts and their origin, the only country that pops us as the answer is ‘India’. Surprisingly, their origin happens to be Brazil whereas the discovery was made by the Europeans. Today, these nuts are cultivated in several countries including India and East Africa.

Talking of its common names, they are also called ‘anacardier’ and sometimes ‘kaju’ in different cultures and societies.

Nutritional content-

No wonder why cashew nuts suppliers in India as well as across the globe are growing in numbers today. Since the discovery of its content and spread of the same, production of these nuts hasn’t stopped. Hereby, we state the immensely nutritious dry fruit’s inner content below:

  • Firstly, we must state that these nuts are majorly full of carbohydrates and fats. This creates confusion among the people of it not holding any other value but before we come to that, we must also state that carbs and fats are as important as any other nutrition for our bodies. Hence, choose these nuts for a healthy body.
  • Secondly, it is a great source of protein, one of the most important nutrients that help us build almost everything in our bodies.
  • Next, they are a good source of dietary fiber which can help you maintain bowel movements, blood sugar level and more which has nowadays become quite a common problem among people.
  • It is full of different types of vitamins including vitamin k and vitamin b6.
  • It is also a good source of zinc, iron, and selenium.
  • Apart from that, it also consists of magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus.

Cashew Nuts Benefits-

Now as we already know the nutritional content of this particular dry fruit, let us also know how these nutrients help our bodies in different ways.

  • It improves heart health.
  • It helps in preventing diseases related to blood.
  • It is proven to be great for eye health.
  • It is also skin-friendly and supportive.
  • To our surprise, it is also beneficial in losing weight.
  • It is amazing for hair health.
  • It may help you prevent cancerous diseases.
  • It is said to be healthy for gut health.
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  • It also happens to maintain the health of the nerves.

Where can you find the best of them in the market?

Oftentimes, a product or say, food is great and promising but the processing of it decreases its original value it. Hence, consumers are found in a dilemma of which brand to select when it comes to dry fruits. Our team did some research to find the best brands of dry fruits, especially cashew nuts. Luckily, we came across a few brands out of which we found “R.K. Agro-Processing” company the best. The reason behind this is their proper sanitation, maintenance, and lower processing of dry fruits. Before recommending this, we wanted to make sure about the brand so we dwelled into some more research and came across some wonderful facts about it. This brand happens to be one of the prominent cashew nuts manufacturers in India today.

Apart from that, they also bring a lot of variety in their products which are appealing and delicious. We checked thoroughly whether the packaging is on point or not and found that they are absolutely clear about their value and ethics. Among several cashew nuts exporters in India today, we hope this brand keeps on maintaining good quality like very few other brands in the market. For further information, you can always visit their website.

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