All About MP Bhulekh 2020 – Khasra, Khatauni, Bhu Naksha Online

In line with the Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme, Madhya Pradesh Government launched MP Bhulekh. It is a web portal that computerised all land record activities within the state with an aim to modernise the record-keeping system.

Individuals can view various documents like land data records and other associated documents with greater convenience. The Bhulekh web portal maintains Khasra khatauni MP district-wise records, Khatauni nakal, Khasra code, etc.

Advantages of MP Bhulekh

Unlike the previous method of manual management of land records, MP Bhulekh has made the entire process streamlined and transparent for landowners and authorities alike. This portal extends several benefits, some of which include – 

  • Individuals can view land details along with map, land biodata, and other information regarding the concerned plot. 
  • Also, one can easily find Khasra and Khatauni code online.
  • Individuals do not need to visit the concerned regional offices and government centres.
  • One can download all the relevant details about the concerned property, but he/she will have to log into their account.
  • Having the property details sanctioned by the government can also come in handy when dealing with illegal land possession.
  • Individuals can add missing information and update existing fields using the portal.
  • Land records can also be used to confirm possession of the property while availing secured credit lines, like home loans.

Moreover, pre-approved offers extended by prominent HFCs further make the documentation process simple and speed up the loan application. Such offers are available on products like home loans and loans against property. To check your pre-approved offer, you will need to provide a few necessary details like name and contact details.

To avoid facing any difficulties during the loan application, one must be thoroughly acquainted with factors that can affect home loan eligibility for specific lenders.

How to view documents about land records?

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Since the onset of MP Bhulekh and computerisation of land records, one can easily view and modify Khasra, Khatauni, and maps of MP land records in a few simple steps – 

  1. Visit the official MP Bhulekh website.
  2. First, click on the ‘Free Services’ button. This should open a new page containing several options.
  3. Here, click on Khasra B-1 map option.
  4. From the drop-down menu, locate your district to move onto other options.
  5. Select your Tehsil and Village from the respective drop-down menus.
  6. Next, click on any one of the three buttons depending on your requirements – 
    1. Bhu swami
    2. Khasra number
    3. Khata number
  7. Several sub-options will appear following the information that you seek. Select the relevant one from the next drop-down menu. 
  8. Verify the captcha verification code.

Following this, the required land records and other information will be listed in a tabular format. Click on the view ‘Eye’ details button to see the map based on the selected Khasra or Khata number.

While landowners can easily view and apply to update information on the portal, he/she will have to log into the website to download the same. For this, they will have to fill in their credentials like User ID and password and the department to which they belong.

MP Bhulekh has provided a single-window system for state residents and made accessing essential property documents quick and hassle-free. Using this portal, prospective homebuyers can download the records from the comfort of their home. However, individuals should acquaint themselves with various reasons why lenders may reject a home loan application to minimise such risks.

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