Why Are Press Release Important For A Good Digital Marketing Plan?

Press Release

Digital marketing has become more complex than ever with tools like SEO, SMO, PPC, etc. People have forgotten the tried-and-true method of a press release. With the rise of social media, creative destruction is occurring more rapidly than ever. With immense encouragement in innovation, a press release too can provide a fresh perspective in your digital marketing strategy.

A press release allows you to disseminate specific yet brief information about your company to the media. It allows you to directly connect with potential customers and existing clients to deliver any unfiltered messages. If a press release is done correctly, it can significantly enhance your company’s visibility and reputation. Best Digital Marketing Services in Delhi can increase your chances to get such benefits.

Why Should you Add Press Releases to your Digital Marketing Plan?

The following hacks can amplify your reach and improve your overall digital marketing strategy.

Generate interest in your company/ product

Press releases with the help of social media can now be a tool for instant worldwide distribution. Traditional press releases could never create such hype and buzz with the help of social media; companies can easily focus on utilising press release as a tool to generate interest in your company. Some say any marketing is good marketing, but credible marketing may expand your opportunities more than expected.

Increase your visibility

Press releases through popular sites expand your horizons vis-a-vis exposure. If it goes viral, the marketing possibilities are endless. Companies should utilise media wire services to expand their reach even further. A 2021 study showed that most internet users constantly engage with news sites every month.


A smart press release will allow you to utilise search engine optimisation tools to your benefit. Target and thoroughly researched keywords relevant to your business can magnify your press release campaign. This double trouble combination can give you an edge over your competitors. Search Engine Optimisation is focused on quality online traffic.

Improve Brand Image

Given how easy it is to publish and distribute press releases, a company can use the same to shape a good brand image. A greater quantity of positive press releases can transform a company’s image entirely.

 Announcing a New Launch

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A press release is an effective way to announce a new launch. It can effectively spread specific information to the masses. Beyond launches, any updates or new and exciting features can also be shared with the public via press releases.

Spreading Public Information

Press releases can also be utilised to spread unique and interesting tips and information as a service to educate the general public.


A good digital marketing plan should use all available resources to the best of its merit to enhance its marketing strategy for the company’s growth and development. You should include press releases in your marketing planning along with other tools to maximise your exposure and boost your image. A good PPC Agency in Delhi can help you map out your digital marketing strategies to avail all such benefits.

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