Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Your Wedding Ensemble

Indian wedding dresses

While shopping for Indian wedding dresses can be an exciting experience amid all other planning, unplanned splurges or buys that cross your budget often will leave you regretting. And that is a feeling that you would definitely like to avoid for your D-Day outfit.

Think About A Colour in Your Mind

When one chooses Indian designer dresses for wedding purposes one should keep in mind the design and colour that first comes to their mind. Though most brides opt for red or other shades of red, there are so many other colours that one may choose for their D-Day. Try out dresses in different colours and then decide which brings out the best in you. But if you have one or two hues in mind, it will make your job easier.

Make Sure That the Outfits Fit You Well

It is the simplest yet a vital point to flaunt a flawless bridal lehenga. It will neither look good, nor you will feel comfortable if the Indian dresses you are wearing are too loose or too tight. The fit and cut of the blouse is indeed important, but apart from that, the length and fit of the skirt also matters. Do not leave it until the last minute. Making changes, or adjusting sizes would become very difficult then.

Also, if you get it readied months before your wedding, do give it a trial a month before your wedding. This will help you decide if your dress needs any last-minute changes.

Do Not Ignore the Dupatta

Look out for the dupatta when you are going to finalise an outfit. The dupattas, the way they are draped, have a significant impact on the wedding photos. They are the most visible parts of the lehenga so it’s important that you pay extra heed to it. The dupattas you choose must have a lovely border and maybe some added details. You can also go for Lehengas with two contrasting dupattas.

Online Shopping? Well, Definitely

Many times, it is difficult to picturise how a particular dress will look, the fall, the neckline, the sleeves and so one can try buying the dresses online. There are many reputable brands selling Indian wedding dresses online. You can choose the style, design and colour of dresses from the array of designs.

The Right Lingerie Is A Must-Buy

It’s rather easy to get the perfect dress, jewelleries, shoes that match your size and is of your choice. But getting hold of the perfect lingerie is not only immensely important to retain the shape of the outfit, but is difficult to find too. And since you will be in those heavy outfits for long hours, the foundation garments should be very comfortable.

All Keep the Weather in Mind

Before you buy your wedding lehenga, do consider the weather you are getting married in. For summer weddings, lightweight fabrics like chiffon, crepe and georgette in pastel shades or cool hues, lighter embroideries or embellishments and smaller sleeves are recommended. On the other hand, go for heavier fabric, designs and full-sleeved outfits if you are getting married during the winter.

Stitch It Tailored to Your Body

As mentioned previously, the bridal lehengas, if ill-designed or ill-fitted will not only look shabby but will be extremely uncomfortable too. Get it stitched as per your size for a reliable tailor. Your lehenga should be able to suit your curves not the other way round.

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Stop Following the Trends Blindly

You should definitely know about the trends and designs but just because the styles are “in”, doesn’t mean that they would suit you or you are comfortable in it. You would look the most graceful when you are comfortable in it.

Match Your Outfit with The Right Kind of Jewellery

If you are a bride who already owns the jewelleries, then buy outfits that match the outfit or make a striking contrast. Else, if you are yet to buy the jewelleries, buy your outfits first and then buy the jewellery pieces.

If you are looking to buy Indian wedding dresses online, browse through Like A Diva. You will find a wide array of Indian designer outfits, matching your likes, and you will be spoilt for choices.

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