WoW Burning Crusade Classic Leveling Guide

The Burning Crusade Classic

wow classic tbc leveling

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic will be released on June 1st, giving players the opportunity to explore new areas and reach a new level 70.

While it may be tempting to gain more experience as soon as possible, it is best to make the most of your leveling experience before jumping into the Dark Portal and then preparing a strategy. In addition to leveling up from 60 to 70, players must earn prestige in the various factions that play a key role in their character’s endgame progression.

With TBC, Blizzard introduced a new dungeon difficulty setting called “Heroic”, which offers players better equipment than the regular dungeons and also provides important materials and currency. In order to gain access to the heroic difficulty level of the dungeon, there are a number of factions in which you must have a certain level of prestige in order to gain access to keys that unlock the difficulty level.

You should also invest some time in the final levels to fight the final 10-man raid on Karazhan. The coordination chain will take some time to complete, so it can’t hurt to do so while you level.

To gain access to all heroic dungeons of the TBC, you must have a reputation in Salma (Horde) / Fort Honor (Alliance), Downtown, Senario Expedition, Shathar and Timekeeper.

Based on the number of players during the World of Warcraft launch, it will likely be difficult to level in the open world during the WoW TBC Classic launch. Therefore, spamming instances is the fastest way to gain prestige and reach level 70.

Luckily for us, content creators like Biosparks and Fakeqt, who are already testing the beta version of the game, have found an easy way to level up asap. By hopping around dungeons, you can build reputations in specific factions, avoid overcrowded practice areas, and reach level 70 in less than 30 hours of play.

Below is a chronological list of all of the dungeons you will be running and how often you will need to run them to maximize your reputation in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic.

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Dungeon Runs Required Faction (Reputation Gain) Level Range
Blood Furnace 12 Thrallmar / Honor Hold (Honored) 60-61
Slave Pens 10 Cenarion Expedition (Honored) 61-63
Mana Tombs 9 Consortium (Honored) 63-66
Sethekk Halls 8 Lower City (Honored) 66-68
Old Hillsbrad Foothills 1 Keepers of Time 68
Black Morass 18 Keepers of Time (Revered) 68-70
Shadow Labyrinth 6 Lower City (Revered) 68-70
Steamvault 7 Cenarion Expedition (Revered) 68-70
Shattered Halls 8 Thrallmar / Honor Hold (Revered) 69-70

Near level 68, you will need to exit the dungeon for a moment to begin the Karazhan coordination questline. Don’t worry, the chain will bring you back to the Dungeon Crush area in no time.

After completing a few objectives, you will be given a quest to get a key piece from the shadow maze and you can complete the rest of the dungeon by starting with it. This time you will gain reputation while completing your own attunement so that you complete two quests at once.

When you reach level 70, you’ll want to get access to a flying mount right away with some TBC Classic gold. This is how you reach Arcatraz, where you can go through the highest-level dungeon, complete the chain of coordination of Karazhan and gain the necessary Sathar reputation.

Once the coordination is complete, you can perform the Botanica to maximize Sha’tar’s prestige and get the final key needed to access each dungeon on Heroic Difficulty.

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