What We Know about Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker


Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker was released in November and brings new classes and regions to the massive and popular MMORPG. Here is what you can expect.

Endwalker is the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV and will be released on November 23rd. So far, the game has proven that it has gotten better and better with every expansion since the Realms of Rebirth relaunch, and expectations are high for this release. Endwalker follows the conclusion of the long battle between the gods Hydealyn and Zodiark and lets the player travel to new locations, including the moon in the great Final Fantasy tradition. But there is more content to be added.

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Two new classes have been added to the game. One is an obstacle-based healer known as the Saga, and the other is a magical hand-to-hand fighter known as the Reaper. Previously, this astronomer acted as a barrier healer in addition to combat support, but the class is losing its barrier ability to better focus on various support skills, leaving Sage as the only dedicated barrier healer. Little is known about the Reaper, although prophecy seems to suggest that he will have some kind of conjuration or pet to help him do a lot of damage quickly and that his main weapon will be two large scythes. Of course, this will need a lot of ff14 gil in-game.

New racing options have been added with the new expansion due to community support and demand. A male version of the Viera, which was previously only available for women, is coming soon. The developer also pointed out that a female variant of the male-only Hrothgar is currently in development, but won’t be ready when the expansion starts.

Two new areas were also displayed (in addition to the moon). These are the Thavnair area, which has long been mentioned in the game, and Old Sharlyan, home to many important Final Fantasy characters. Old Sharlyan will be the central city of the expansion, much like Crystarium in Shadowbringers and Kugane in Stormblood, and features one large area to explore and interact with other players.

In addition to the main storyline, the new content includes two new tribes of beasts. It is a collection of side quests that follow the misfortunes of creatures like the Latino Loporrits or the elephant-like Arkasodara. Of course, there will also be new devices and equipment. A new series of raids related to Lahabrea, an Ascians raider encountered in Realms Reborn, is also in the pipeline. All of this content will undoubtedly take players to a new cap of 90 quickly.

In a stunning full trailer released at Digital Fan Fest, Endwalker is slated to be released later this year by Square Enix, ending a story that has made a splash for nearly a decade. But the developers say Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t end there. Fans can look forward to a new story when it concludes.

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