What is the process of admission to the Indian High Schools of Dubai?

Indian High School Admission

Dubai, one of the greatest leaders, is known for providing affordable education compared to other developed countries like the US. With structured campuses and a modern approach to studies, the city is known for producing great leaders and global citizens for the world. Even though there are various International schools in Dubai aiming to provide quality education to international students, the admission process of each school is different. While some schools permit admission in the mid-semester, others focus on the students’ age before admitting them to their campus. 

Below mentioned are the eligibility criteria for Indian High School Admission to various schools in Dubai:

1) Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Global Indian International School is known for providing all-round development to students. It takes in students belonging to different cultures under its umbrella and provides an independent environment for students to learn compassion and transform into a global citizen. A peculiar characteristic of GIIS is that there are no deadlines to apply for the school. Students can apply at any time of the academic year. 

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Even International students have the same criteria. Even though there’s no deadline to apply for admissions, the school suggests that students should get in touch with the admission office during the start of the year as the admission strongly depends upon seat availability. The admission counsellors answer all the queries of the parents ranging from academics to co-curricular activities. The school even has an enquiry form for parents who can’t connect directly over the phone with the school. Interested parents and prospective students are also facilitated with a campus tour to give them a live experience of what the school has to offer. 

The school even has a variety of scholarships for students ranging from Global Citizen Scholarship, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship, Zayed Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship, and 9 GEMS Holistic Development, to aid the students in achieving their goals. While some scholarships are based on academics, others are based on talent and means-cum-merit. The sole purpose of all the scholarships is to provide monetary help to students who are a bundle of talent and can create change in the world. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship enrolls students based on their knowledge of technology and the ability to create innovations.

2) The Indian High School, Dubai

The Indian High School is known for providing a complete package to students to learn and grow at their own pace. Considering that each child is unique, the school provides a supportive environment with individual attention. To enroll in this school, the child should’ve completed 4 years as of 31st July of the year in which they wish to apply for admission. Parents will need to apply online and generate an Admit card themselves. Then, they need to submit the admit card at the school counter. The registration is considered completed only after the confirmation from the school. The seats are allotted based on First–cum-First-serve basis depending upon the number of seats available at the school. The parents need to follow the fee structure and submit the fees on time to confirm the admission. After all the paperwork, the child will need to appear for an assessment test for school to understand the child’s abilities to be a part of the school.


Selecting the right school for your student depends upon a variety of characteristics. From teaching faculty to campus, a lot goes in before selecting that one school to meet the needs of the student. Even though the admission process is different, all the schools wish to provide the right kind of opportunity to your child to excel in his/her career. Hope the above information will help you in School Admissions in Dubai.

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