Six ways a CBSE high school makes studying fun for kids

happy kids running outside near school

Managing a child’s interest is never easy, especially in the study materials. As a tutor or a parent, it can become challenging to determine how to regain the focus and interest of your child in the right place. 

happy kids running outside near school

But thankfully, there are various methods you can employ to make your child’s studies and boring subjects interesting by adding a little fun to them. 

So, today, we will be sharing some of the tried and tested tricks used in the best CBSE Schools with higher education to make studying fun for kids.

1- Introduce interesting games: Games never go out of style, especially for kids. So, introduce some lessons into interesting games. For instance, do wordplays by saying a word and then letting your child guess another word using the last letter of your word. Such games will serve both the purposes of “education” and “fun.”

2- Add animation: Reading and learning can be fun, but only for a limited time. That is why many educational creators on YouTube have started creating indulging content. These videos have animations, songs and stories that make learning fun and interesting. This means allowing your kids more TV time, but only those channels that have informative content for kids. 

3- Opt for educational games: Education and technology have a lot to offer when used right in a high school. In fact, there are many educational games available online that make studying fun and help children grow. Educational games use stories, sounds, animations and other factors to make learning fun and easy for kids. 

4- Let your kid takeover as a teacher: Reverse the role and let your kids become the teacher now. This way, you can ask your child to teach or help you with certain questions. When your child asks you the questions, act as if you don’t know the answers to them. This way, he/she will be compelled to answer the question on his/her own, therefore learning the concept in-depth. 

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5- Say “yes” to physical games: Yes, the introduction of modern devices has made every child inactive in some or another way. So, it is time to bring the activity into your kid’s life by introducing physical or outdoor games. Anything from musical chairs or football will make your kid active and freshen up their minds. And we all know, a fresh and active mind has improved concentration power. 

6- Do a little practical learning, too: Theoretical information will only make your kid “bookworm.” It is time that they start learning things through experiments too. For instance, the baking cake will engage your kids in various ways like measuring ingredients, identifying taste and colour, etc. Such practical learning can enhance your relationship with your kid too. 

Signing off

Kids tend to change their interests throughout the day. So, as a parent, it is important that you find ways to keep your child involved. 

Use the tips mentioned above to ensure that the CBSE high school kid stays focused and interested in studying without getting bored or losing interest. 

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