A recommendation report is important in both academic and business settings. It is a helpful decision-making tool that everyone needs. Read this article to know what it includes, how it is organized and written.

What is a recommendation report?

It is a document that offers a variety of solutions for an identified problem. It analyses findings from research and synchronizes them. It discusses all the recommendations in an organized manner using the recommendation report format.

The report endorses either one or more recommendations. It involves describing a situation, evaluating possible alternatives, and proposing the best solution.

It either solves a problem or fills a need. It can be used in different circumstances and industries.

Factors to consider

Before writing the paper, you need to consider the following:

  • Target audience: They will influence the contents and style of the report. You will know the facts and technical details to include in the report. Your audience may be an investor, or stakeholder.
  • Solid content: Ensure the recommendations you give are going to be impactful in solving the problem. They should be effective and easy to implement. The content should show the purpose and importance of writing the report.
  • Genre of report: It is helpful to know the required length and content of the report. This will enable you to make it suitable for the audience it is intended for.

Use language that the audience can identify with. Complicated words make it difficult to understand. Make use of heading and subheadings to section and organize your work.

  • Informative report: Make your report as explanatory as possible. Use diagrams and charts to explain the topic.

Ensure you use clear and to-the-point statements. Avoid fluff.

Structure of a recommendation report

This report follows a specific format that we will discuss below.


It gives a brief summary of the report and the purpose of writing it. Ensure you include the problem you will be solving. Indicate the items that you will compare and write your objectives.

Provide the background and justification for pursuing the study. This information should help the reader understand the problem and the potential solutions.

Problem statement

This section indicates the problem. It states the need for the study and justifies why it needs to be conducted.

It serves as an outline to the options for solving the problem you will discuss. Depending on the instructions, different types of academic writing may exclude this section.


In this section define the approach you will use to collect data such as questionnaires and surveys. Data collection helps you to understand what other people think about the problem. Analyze all the information you have before you can conclude the research.

Discuss all the solutions you have for the problem. For each solution give a detailed overview of the options. Explain how the option addresses the identified problem.

It is important to give details about how this solution can be implemented. Also, justify why the chosen solution is the most ideal. Give details on the evaluation criteria you used

Final recommendation

After evaluating all the options, recommend the one that is most effective. Explain why you settled for that option and defend that solution comprehensively.


Give a summary statement that emphasizes the final recommendation. You can also suggest to the reader how they can implement the recommendation. Ensure the recommendation is implementable.


Citing all the sources of information is important. The instructor may recommend a specific citation style.

The citation style may be different for each industry or constricted to that industry alone. The different types of reference formats include:

  • AMA citation for medical professionals
  • ACS format for chemical industry experts
  • MLA for humanities audience
  • APA for social sciences
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It contains information that cannot fit in the body of the report. This includes maps, diagrams, and charts. In case you used questionnaires or surveys the samples are also included here.

Tips for good reports

  • Ensure you write background information on the identified problem and why a solution is needed.
  • Ensure the recommendation report includes the requirements that influence the decision of the commendations you choose.  
  • In each stage you complete a comparative segment, give the best option based on comparisons made.
  • Ensure that the introduction specifies the audience, the situation and outline of the subject.
  • Ensure the conclusion illustrates the best option.
  • Demonstrate credibility by showing knowledge and facts about the problem. Show proficiency in your recommendations.

A Recommendation report is an important document both for academics and professionals. They give solutions to problems and guidelines on how to implement those solutions. It requires an appropriate article. research and an open mind. We highly recommend learning how to write this document from this

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